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Wills & future planning – Creating certainty amongst the uncertainty

Understandably, with future planning on everyone’s minds now is certainly the time to get round to making that Will.  Hattons have always been an adaptable bunch and that means our Wills team remain available to help you make your Will.

But, how can we still ensure that a Will is properly done in days like these?

In order for a Will to be legally valid, strict conditions need to be met.  These are:

  1. The Will needs to be in writing;
  2. The Will needs to be signed and dated by the person making the Will in the presence of two independent witnesses (who must be present at the same time);
  3. The witnesses must each sign the Will in the presence of the person making the Will.

So how can we help ensure you that all this is done?  This is how:

1, Drafting

We will draft your Will for you.   You can then print off your Will at home (which is easier) or we can post it out to you. Simple.

2&3.  Signing

When your Will is ready to sign, you need to have two independent witnesses present.  This means that they can’t be beneficiaries under the Will.

If living in ‘lock down’ with your loved ones means they are no longer in your Will then they can sign it! Otherwise, you could enlist the help of others who could watch you sign the Will before each of them do.  The witness doesn’t have to read or know the contents of the Will, they only need to witness your signature and each others.

Here are a few ‘outside of the box’ suggestions (but making sure that you remain aware of the risks, especially if you are vulnerable and always staying safe and socially distant);

  • Pass it to neighbours over the fence or even through a window;
  • Take advantage of your daily exercise routine by having your witnesses attend the park at the same time as you. Your witnesses could watch you sign the Will and leave it on a bench for them  They can then each sign it and leave it for you to collect.
  • Stand on your door step or in your garden whilst your witnesses are on the pavement (remember the lock down though)

But don’t worry!  We will always be here to talk you through it.  We will do ‘virtual face to face’ interviews with you via Skype (which also allows us to check your ID) and we will be available to answer any questions over the telephone.  We will also send out simple step by step guidance for you to use.

We won’t let this situation beat us.  Call our offices on 01744 744440 or contact us here and a member of our Wills team will be there to help.

Posted on: 26/Mar/2020 Posted in: Will Writing
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