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Road Accident Factsheet

What do I do at the scene of my accident?

The golden rule at the scene of any accident you may have had, regardless of how it has happened or what is said at the scene by anyone else involved is to obtain as much information as possible.

Many people forget or are too preoccupied to note down those details at an accident scene, which will enable you to proceed with your claim without delay or complication.

Almost all of the vital information you need is there for you to see and note down without even having to ask the other driver.

Step 1

Note down the other driver’s vehicle make, model, colour and most important of all their registration number.

This will allow us to check the vehicle details on Motor Insurance Database to ascertain who the vehicle was insured with at the time of the accident. We can also check with the DVLA as to who the registered keeper of the vehicle was.

Step 2

Ask the other driver for their name and full postal address.

This is something that they are legally obliged to provide to you. If they refuse, then you should call the police immediately as they are then committing a criminal offence.

A person refusing to provide their full details at the scene of an accident may have something to hide such as having no insurance, or not being qualified to drive. The police should be asked to intervene and will act appropriately should things not be in order.

Step 3

Record as much written information about the accident seen as you can. Details such as road markings, weather and light conditions, whether the cars had their lights on, signals being made by cars at the time etc, all helps us build a full picture your case.

Step 4

Take a note of the damage sustained to your vehicle and that of the other driver. You should record where the damage is to both vehicles and make a note of the extent of the damage.

Step 5

Look to see if there are any witnesses and collect their contact details in case they are needed to support your case.

Do’s and Don’ts

If you have a camera or camera on your mobile phone, take lots of photos, while trying to get a picture of the other driver at the scene.

If any of the vehicles are obstructing the road or if there is an injury requiring urgent medical help the call the emergency services immediately.

If you do not think you need to call the police but you are concerned about the other driver either because you think they may leave the scene without providing enough details or you think the details may be false then you should call the police immediately. Do not ask or tell the other driver. Just call the police.

If you are contacted by the other driver’s insurance company, we would advise that you do not agree to speak to them.

Do not accept an offer from any insurance company without seeking legal advice first. This is because the amount of money being offered may not be sufficient to cover your entire claim.

If you would like advice on making a claim after being injured in a road traffic accident call our legal team on 0800 298 9690 or alternatively fill in the Claim Now form and we will call you back.


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