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Driver Accident Claim

Accidents involving the driver are obviously the most common type of road traffic accident, where a driver is injured as a result of someone else’s fault or partial fault. At Hattons Solicitors we specialise in road traffic accident claims and we can help you to make a driver accident claim for compensation which can help ease the suffering involved.

From Minor to More Serious Injuries You Could Make a Driver Accident Claim

The injuries a driver sustains after an accident can range from relatively minor injuries, such as whiplash, to extremely serious injuries that lead to devastating life consequences. If the accident was caused by another vehicle or pedestrian you could be able to make a driver accident claim even if the other driver did not stop or is uninsured.

Hattons Can Assist You Throughout Your Claim Easing the Worry

When you are involved in a driver accident you could end up injured and out of work, or you could be facing hefty medical bills. At Hattons Solicitors we can organise vehicle recovery, car replacement, medical assessments and you help to recover any loss of earnings with your claim.

The Highways Authority Could Be At Fault In Some Cases

There are many causes of driver accidents and it is not always down to another driver. You could find that dangerous road conditions such as pot holes, surface water caused by blocked drains or ice and snow could mean you need to make a driver accident claim against the Highways Authority. The Highways Authority are obliged to maintain our public roads and to, “ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that safe passage along a highway is not endangered by snow or ice”.

At Hattons Solicitors we have a highly experienced legal team who work with road traffic accident claims every day.

Do Not Accept Offers From Your Insurers Without First Seeking Legal Advice

We always advise people to seek legal advice before accepting any offers from their insurers as they could end up with long term injuries that develop over time and are not compensated for.

Click here to read Hattons Road Accident Factsheet

Hattons Advise You On Your Options

We can advise you on the best options and answer any concerns or questions that you have before processing any claim.

We work closely with our clients to keep them informed about their claim and our clients can also access our online file view system to find out where their case is up to at their own convenience.

If you would like legal advice on making a driver accident claim call our friendly legal team on 0800 298 9690 or alternatively fill in the Claim Now form to the right of this screen and we will call you back.


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