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Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence Lawyers in St Helens

What is Professional Negligence?

If you’ve received inadequate advice, feel a professional has not acted in a proper manner, or a duty of care has been breached, then the professional negligence lawyers at St Helens’ Hattons Solicitors may be able to help you file a claim. We always follow pre-set procedures initially to attempt to settle directly, and then, if this is unsuccessful, will support you fully through the court process.

Professional negligence happens when there has been a breach of contract between you and a service provider. Whether there were accounting issues in the event of computing errors, carpets not efficiently cleaned, or poorly secured data with an IT team, we assist in getting you the compensation for these inadequately performed services. Our professional negligence lawyers make sure the mistakes are properly corrected either by the original team or help you find another party to complete the task. Below are examples of the professional negligence issues our specialists have helped St Helens residents within the past.

Accountant Negligence

Having an accountant advise you on financial planning steps can help you make the proper moves with your money, but if you get the wrong advice, you could face serious legal repercussions. Allow the professional negligence lawyers at Hattons Solicitors to help you get out of trouble and get your money back. We dedicate ourselves to helping you correct their wrongs.

Architect Negligence

When you need an architect in the North West, you expect they can handle the job and construct your building to the standards laid out by the Royal Institute of British Architecture. We can get you the help you need promptly to get your building corrected. You should know that you have six years to make a claim, and that time begins when you notice the negligence occurring. Let Hattons help you right away to help save you money.

Financial Advisor Negligence

You hired a financial advisor because you may not have the complete knowledge required for making business or personal transactions when it comes to investing. Don’t let them throw your money away or get caught up in a fraudulent scheme. Speak with us today if you believe your financial advisor is conducting illegal or shady business with your money.

Insurance Broker Negligence

Insurance brokers are not only responsible for putting together your program, but helping you file claims and giving you the proper advice about what your policy covers. Insurance broker negligence isn’t always them selling you faulty insurance. Brokers can also fail to act with reasonable speed, misrepresent you in a claim, disclose a conflict of interest, or they can completely ignore your requirements.

Solicitor & Legal Negligence

Not all solicitors are as professional as the team at Hattons Solicitors. When you require a proper council after suffering legal negligence, we are the team to trust. We help residents and businesses who have not received adequate advice or counsel on legal matters such as employment contract, mergers, and drafted wills. Our clients have trusted us to guide them through severe cases, issue claims within the limitation period, and keeping them as informed as possible of their current case.

Surveyor Negligence

Don’t pay too much for your property. If you believe that your surveyor is exhibiting professional negligence, reach out to us at Hattons Solicitors right away to save yourself time and money. To file a claim, our professional negligence solicitors based in St Helens will work with you to go over your duty of care to discover how they breached that care contract and did not perform up to the standards of a competent surveyor.

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