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Needlestick Injury Claims

Unfortunately, needlestick injury is a known hazard for some professions especially within healthcare, and when injuries happen they can have serious consequences. Most injuries can be prevented in the workplace but where there has been negligence, it could be necessary to make a needlestick injury claim.

What is a Needlestick Injury?

The term “needlestick injury” can be used to describe an injury suffered when a hypodermic needle, scalpel or lancet accidently punctures someone’s skin. It can be painful, may bleed and become swollen, but one of the biggest concerns is the risk of infection. Blood-borne infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C can be transmitted by a contaminated needle.

At Hattons Solicitors we have found that a needlestick injury can cause a great deal of stress as well as pain, as it can take several months to find out if the affected person has been infected.

Who Is Most Likely to be Affected by a Needlestick Injury?

There are certain types of worker who are more at risk of having a needlestick injury than others, such as doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare workers. Other groups could also be affected such as park keepers, cleaners, prison staff, social workers, police and waste disposal operatives.

However the majority of needlestick injuries can be prevented when proper care is taken by the employer regarding the use and disposal of needlesticks or the provision of proper protective clothing and equipment.

Your Employer Should Have Insurance To Cover Your Claim

Many employees worry that they could lose their job if they make a claim against their employer. However an employer is required by law to have insurance that should cover any compensation awarded. Since 1963 it is compulsory for employers to have Employers Liability Insurance.

Also, it is important to remember that by highlighting health and safety problems at work it prevents others from being hurt and in the long run could ensure that procedures are improved.

Hattons Can Advise You On Your Options

We can advise you of your best options and answer any concerns or questions that you have before processing any claim.

Compensation can help to cover the pain and suffering you have had to endure. It can also cover financial losses, expenses and medical bills, so at Hattons we always advise you keep any receipts relating to any expenditure incurred as a result of your needlestick injury.

We work closely with our clients to keep them informed about their claim and our clients can also access our online file view system to find out where their case is up to at their own convenience.

If you would like legal advice about making a compensation claim after a needlestick injury call our friendly legal team on 0800 298 9690 or alternatively fill in the Claim Now Form to the right of this screen and we will call you back.


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