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Dangerous Equipment

When using dangerous equipment at work such as heavy machinery, your employer is legally obliged to give proper training, as well as making sure that the proper procedures are followed with proper safety checks on equipment.

It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that all machinery used is safe for workers to use making sure that there is nothing faulty or in need of repair.

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At Hattons Solicitors we are too often faced with dangerous equipment at work claims where workers have been seriously injured or even killed, because of faults that should have been found earlier.

People who are injured by dangerous equipment at work through no fault of their own are eligible to make a dangerous machinery or dangerous equipment at work compensation claim.

Common Work Places for Dangerous Machinery Accidents to Occur

We have found that the most common work places for dangerous equipment accidents to happen are industrial environments, such as…

It is more likely for an accident in the work place to occur in industries where the workforce uses dangerous equipment every day.

However at Hattons Solicitors we have also dealt with many cases involving manual work in store rooms and loading areas in a variety of businesses.

Common Injuries Caused by Dangerous Equipment at Work

Dangerous equipment at work can trap, cut or crush body parts which come into contact with them and in most cases, those body parts are the hands or fingers.

The most common injuries that we have found at Hattons Solicitors caused by machinery accidents are:

Whatever the dangerous equipment injury it is possible that you could make a dangerous equipment at work claim to get the compensation you deserve.

Making a Claim Could Help Improve Standards

At Hattons Solicitors we work to make sure that not only do our clients get the compensation they deserve, but we understand that by highlighting the problems with dangerous equipment at work it can improve the health and safety checks and procedures to prevent accidents in the future.

If you have questions about making a dangerous equipment at work claim then call our friendly legal team on 0800 298 9690 or fill in the Claim Now form to the right of this screen and we’ll call you back.


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