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Vibration white finger

Hattons are experts in helping people with their health cases such as vibration white finger claims.

It has been recognised for some time now that the prolonged use of power tools can cause damage to the hands of manual workers, resulting in what is known as Vibration White Finger (VWF). The collective name for injuries to nerves, muscles and blood vessels is Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, or HAVS.

For more information on Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome please see our factsheet.

Workers can develop Vibration White Finger if they repeatedly hold vibrating tools or regularly work with equipment that vibrates. The resulting poor circulation destroys blood vessels and tissue, meaning fingers can go white – hence the name. Other symptoms include tingling, numbness and aching. The disease can reach a point where it becomes irreversible and, in extreme cases – can lead to amputation. This is why it can be so important for vibration white finger claims to be made to help cover medical bills and loss of earnings.

Nerve entrapment or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another condition associated with vibratory tools. This affects the nerve that travels down the arm into the hand which can become squeezed due to repeated wrist movements, as experienced when using vibrating tools or equipment. As it passes through a narrow path in the wrist it causes pressure on the wrist. The fingers and thumb can tingle and go numb. In severe conditions they may even feel paralysed. An operation to release the pressure is often needed.

The kinds of tools which, if used regularly, can cause HAVS, include:

Angle grinders, Band Saws, Banjacks or Beltsanders, Cement strippers, Chain saws, Die grinders, Concrete finishers, Core drills, Chisel or chipping hammers, Impact wrenches, Jigger picks, Lawn mowers, Needle Scalers, Nibblers, Polishing machines, Power floats, Ratchet wrenches and Rock drills.

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