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Divorce month: January sees a rise in divorce enquiries

January has become unofficially known as the ‘divorce month’ among family lawyers, with a repeated trend of a surge in divorce enquiries both within law firms and on the internet at this time of the year. The rise in January divorce enquiries has often been attributed to financial pressure and family tensions over the Christmas period. […]

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Protection for Ethical Vegans

An Employment Tribunal has found that ethical vegans have a philosophical belief that is protected under the Equality Act 2010. It was held that those who hold this belief should have the same level of protection as those who hold religious beliefs. The tribunal judge was of the view that the belief was worthy of […]

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Operations manager ordered to pay compensation following alleged racist remark

Two employees at Capita Retail Financial Services brought a claim of racial harassment against both their employer and their operations manager, Mr Woodhouse, after Woodhouse made a racist comment about another staff member. The two employees, Miss S Kaur and Miss S Rehman, were of Asian ethnicity, and overheard Woodhouse’s racist comment when he walked […]

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Let down by the medical profession, put your faith in us

When we’re in need of help with our health, we naturally put our faith in doctors and a whole host of other trained medical professionals. Thankfully, we are generally right to do so and most provide a service that is often literally life saving. This doesn’t mean that mistakes don’t happen though and so, if […]

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Here to help repair the housing issues faced by tenants

It is really important that your house is secure, safe and somewhere where you feel protected, and when you are renting a property you have certain rights to ensure this. Here at Hattons we can help protect those rights to make sure your house really does feel like home. We fully understand that many tenants […]

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