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As many people prepare to head off on holiday at this time of year, the Holiday Claims Team at Hattons are urging people to be prepared in case their holiday turns out not to be the full package.

With many holidays so easily be ruined by something as simple as injury or illness, the team say that by making sure you know what is classed as a package holiday and what is not you will ensure you stand the best chance of seeking redress should something go wrong.

“If you sustain an injury or become ill with food poisoning on holiday then you have the right to claim compensation against the people who caused the injury or illness. If the injury is on the way there by aircraft or by sea there are special regulations that govern the injury and expert advice within 2 years of the injury is needed. If the injury or illness is caused by the faulty of the hotel where you stay then you can sue them direct in their country of the UK but this is not something that is straightforward for obvious reasons. There is a way that you can take action against the holiday company for the fault of the people who provide your holiday if the holiday you went on is classed as a Package Tour.”

“Basically, a package holiday is one that falls under the Package Tours, Package Holidays and package Travel Regulations 1992,” says Bruce Hatton, Director at Hattons.

This essentially means that it is a pre-arranged package holiday that consists of at least two of the following services: transport, accommodation and other tourist services, such as sightseeing tours, when the services cover more than 24 hours or include an overnight stay. Pre-arranged means that it has been put together by the tour operator and not the customer.

“It is very important that consumers know what they are buying when they go and book their holiday, as it means they will then have the best chance of securing compensation should something go wrong during their break,” Bruce Hatton, Director adds.

“Here at Hattons we have a dedicated Holiday Claims Team who can guide people every step of the way should they wish to make a claim, but by knowing what protection you do or do not have right from the very start, they can make sure they are in the best position to get what they deserve and make the best of their ruined holiday.”

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