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Many people think that planning for the future can be put off for another day. Sadly, for some, that day comes all too soon, and an opportunity has been missed to put your affairs in order, both for your own sake, and that of your family. It is never to early to begin this process, and no amount of assets is too small for proper consideration to be given of how you want it to be dealt with.

The first, and perhaps most common of the things you can do is to have your Will professionally prepared. Your Will allows you to specify exactly what you would like to happen on your death, not just in terms of who you would like to get what, but also who you would like to the be the Guardians of your infant children, how you would like assets to be split if you have more than one family unit to consider, whether there are any tax implications to your estate and how best to deal with these, and any arrangements that you would like to be made for your funeral. At a time when your nearest and dearest will be going through the grieving process, having a well written Will that has considered the issues relevant to you, can save them expense and heartache when they least need it.

After you pass away it is comforting to know that your family can get the support from our expert solicitors in the administration of your estate. This removes the difficulty from your family of carrying out the wishes set out in your will at a time of grief. Sometimes there may be sensitive issues such as a child from an earlier relationship to contend with and it is often helpful to have someone independent looking after your wishes. Even if you have not left a will your loved ones can get assistance from our trained professionals who can act for the personal representatives chosen by law and administer the estate, in accordance with the rules set out by law which can sometimes be difficult to understand and follow.

This service is often less expensive than people imagine, and offers both piece of mind to a client, and a caring, supportive service to your family in a time of grief.

Finally, planning should not only consider what happens after death. With an ageing population and the issues associated with that, more and more people are taking the opportunity to create Power of Attorney documents, allowing you to appoint trusted people to look after your property and affairs or health and welfare should you become incapacitated in some way.

Like having a good insurance policy that can step in immediately to help you, the Power of Attorney document can complement a well written Will to ensure that you have the best possible provisions in place for later life.

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