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Surveyor Negligence

Surveyor Negligence Lawyers in St Helens

Despite the high standards set by most professional surveyors, unfortunately mistakes do happen and many people are discovering that they paid too much for their property because it was overvalued by a negligent surveyor.

The most common court action taken against negligent surveyors relates to property surveys which fail to disclose defects that are expensive to resolve.

Defects Including Damp or Dry Rot May Be Missed by a Negligent Surveyor

If your property has been overvalued by a negligent surveyor who carried out a valuation on the property and this has led to financial loss, then you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our specialist team of professional negligence solicitors regularly deal with cases where people have moved into newly purchased properties only to find problems with damp, dry rot or other serious defects that were not picked up by the negligent surveyor.

Examples of professional negligence by a negligent surveyor include:

  • failing to inspect the property properly;
  • producing an inadequate or defective report;
  • failing to make sufficient enquiries;
  • failing to observe obvious visible defects in the property;
  • failing to identify dry rot, woodworm, cracking and subsidence;
  • failing to warn of items require further investigation.

To Make a Claim The Negligent Surveyor’s Advise Must Have Led to Financial Loss

In order to make a claim against a negligent surveyor then it is necessary to show that there is a duty of care between the parties and that the negligent surveyor has failed to act with the degree of care and skill expected of a reasonably competent surveyor, therefore leading to financial loss.

It should be noted that the courts may only award the difference in value between a property in fair condition and the defective property rather than the actual cost of rectifying the defect that was missed by the negligent surveyor.

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