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Accountant Negligence

Accountant Negligence Lawyers in St Helens

When we employ a professional accountant or tax consultant we trust that they will maintain high standards of care giving sound advice. Whether they are giving advice to an individual or business their advice could be critical, and if you are a victim of accountant negligence it can be very costly.

Most professionals working in accountancy are well regulated and deliver good quality advice, however mistakes can unfortunately happen.

Structure Complaints Procedures

A Chartered Accountant is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales), and a Certified Accountant should be monitored by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants ACCA, both which have structured complaints procedures.

Types of Accountant Negligence

Some more common areas in which an accountant or tax consultant may have been negligent are:

  • Failure to detect fraud after an audit
  • Poor or wrong share sale valuations
  • Insolvency liabilities
  • Negligent advice given on capital gains tax and entrepreneur’s relief

If you feel you have been wrongly advised through accountant negligence and suffered a loss as a result you could be entitled to compensation.

Time Limitations On Making a Claim

There are strict limitations on the time period that you can bring an accountant negligence claim. These limitations could depend on your individual circumstances, so at Hattons Solicitors we can advise you clearly of these limitations and the options available to you.

Normally the limitation period of 6 years starts from the date of the accountant’s negligence or the loss, but there are exceptions if the claimant can prove they did not know that the professional negligence had taken place.

Hattons Can Advise You On Your Options

Hattons Solicitors can advise you of your best options and answer any concerns or questions that you have before processing any professional negligence claim.

We work closely with our clients to keep them informed about their claim and our clients can also be reassured by having access to our online file view system to find out where their case is up to at their own convenience.

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