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Probate and Estate Disputes

Probate and Estate Disputes Lawyers in St Helens

At Hattons our professional probate solicitor gives efficient yet sensitive legal advice to people following a loved ones death.

The term Probate refers to the right to deal with someone’s affairs following their death, sometimes known as ‘administering the estate’, and a probate solicitor can play an important part in making the process less painful.

We can help with a variety of Probate issues including:

Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance Act

Estate Disputes

Disputed Identification of Beneficiaries

To obtain a grant of Probate, an application must be made to the probate registry, a section of the Court, and the application is usually made for the person(s) named as executors in a will.

Once a person has been granted Probate, they then have the authority to manage the deceased person’s funds, administer their estate, and divide their assets according to the will.

The process of achieving probate and of subsequently administering the estate can be very complex, confusing and daunting, particularly to those who are in the midst of the grieving process. Having specialist support from a probate solicitor at this time can therefore prove indispensable.

Our Probate Solicitor Can Visit You At Home

What’s more, we can also visit your home for a small fee, meaning that customers who struggle in leaving the house can receive the advice and support they need in the comfort of their own home.

At Hattons we are proud to offer a dedicated, sensitive and efficient approach to families or individuals at this time, taking the strain of probate and administration on your behalf, whilst allowing you to come to terms with your loss.

At every stage your dedicated representative will keep you fully informed of progress, and you’ll find our rates competitive and fair.


Grant only with no administration work £695.00 plus VAT and disbursements

Disbursements £158.00

The cost to obtain the Grant and administer the estate depends on the complexity of the estate. We charge £295.00 + vat per hour for this type of work and the total cost can vary between £4,000.00 and £7,000.00 plus VAT and disbursements. The executor of the estate will be entitled to recovery their own legal costs out of the estate (before any distribution) only insofar as those costs relate to the costs of obtaining a grant of probate and to the costs of administering the estate. We will provide a bill on a quarterly basis.

In relation to contested probate matters, it is difficult to provide an estimate for such matters. We charge £295.00 + vat per hour for this type of work and this is for contentions work, not relating to the administration of the estate so is not recoverable from the estate. They are not costs incurred in relation to the administration of the estate and as such cannot be recovered as a debt of the estate. These will need to be paid by the person who is instructing us. Again, we provide our bill on a quarterly basis.

With all probate matters we do require an initial upfront cost of £250.00 in order for us to open the matter and carry out the initial work.


The process for administrating an uncontested estate starts with us contacting the various banks, building societies, insurance providers and other utility accounts to establish whether any money is due to them or owed to the estate. We therefore require as much information as possible from the family and or friends of the deceased who are instructing us

We shall then be able to put a value on the estate and be able to complete the relevant inheritance tax form which we must complete to obtain the Grant of Probate. We shall then draft the Statement for Executors which needs to be sent to the Probate Registry along with the Inheritance Tax form and original Will to obtain the Grant of Probate.

Once we receive the Grant of Probate we will be able to start to close down all of the deceased’s accounts and collect the monies in to then be divided in accordance with the Will. Further the Grant of Probate is required to sell any or all property on behalf of Estate

Depending on the complexity of the estate the whole process should take between 6-12 months to finalise.

Associate Solicitor Louise Oakes has conduct of these cases and is supervised by Bruce Hatton, Managing Partner.

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