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Faulty Products Injury

Faulty Products Injury Lawyers in St Helens

Accident claim solicitors, Hattons, have helped many people to gain compensation when they have been injured by a product or even packaging. Originally St Helens solicitors, Hattons now help clients all over the North West and the UK.

As consumers we place a great deal of trust in manufacturers and suppliers, believing that what they are offering us is safe. Sadly, however, this trust isn’t always well founded – as TV programmes like Watchdog all too often highlight.

Whether caused by faulty or defective products, consumer harm can and does occur, and accident claim solicitors Hattons could help.

Examples of Products That Have Caused Injury

Examples of these items include medication, food stuffs and even dangerous packaging.

Cases can range from food poisoning to chemical burns and everything in between. Thankfully, the regulations which govern consumer rights means that when harm does occur, action can and should be taken – and compensation sought for those affected.

That’s where accident claim solicitor Hattons comes in.

We specialise in consumer protection cases, ensuring that the correct compensation is achieved for injured parties, and that steps are taken, to prevent further occurrences.

In such cases the faulty product or packaging may need to be submitted for independent inspection, so we strongly recommend that you seek advice from us as quickly as possible in order to ensure the best outcome.

If you seek legal advice from Hattons, our specially trained solicitors will pursue your claim professionally and efficiently, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind in the process.

Product Liability

Not only can products cause injury but they can also cause various health problems. If a product is used in a medical procedure, such as an implant and results in health problems, you need to know who to turn to. Hattons can help advise you what to do, and how to get medical assistance to help your condition, while getting you the compensation you deserve. If products aren’t tested properly and are in use by the public, then why should you suffer the consequences.

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