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Criminal Injuries Compensation

Criminal Injuries Compensation Lawyers in St Helens

Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) for Innocent Victims.

If you have been the victim of violent crime in the UK then Hattons can assist you in claiming the compensation that you deserve. By working with you and the CICA, our team can achieve a fair criminal injuries compensation amount for the losses you have suffered. We understand that being a victim of violent crime can have a big impact on your life, possibly leaving you with physical injuries and psychological distress.

Hattons Have Experience in Dealing with Claims Made By Victims of Violent Crime

At Hattons our solicitors have extensive knowledge of the workings of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and the way it processes applications made by victims of violent crime. We can also advise you on benefits and payments available to you if you are left permanently or temporarily disabled or unable to work.

Even if an offender is not identified, caught or convicted, a successful claim can still be made on behalf of the victim of violent crime. There may be other legal courses of action to take too, such as a civil action or a compensation order.

Basic Criteria Must Be Satisfied In Order for a Victim of Violent Crime to Make a CICA Claim

There are several basic criteria that must be satisfied in order that a CICA claims solicitor can make a successful application for compensation for the victim of violent crime. Whilst it is not necessary for there to be a criminal conviction to secure payment of an award, in the event of failure to comply with any one of these requirements it is likely that an award of compensation will be refused:

  • injuries sustained in the attack must have taken at least 6 weeks to heal
  • the injury must have a value exceeding £1,000
  • medical treatment must have been necessary on at least two occasions
  • application must be made within two years of the assault
  • the assault must have been reported to the authorities promptly
  • the police or other relevant authorities must receive full co-operation from the applicant

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