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Wrong Diagnosis

Wrong Diagnosis Lawyers in St Helens

Whether you have suffered as a result of the wrong diagnosis or delayed diagnosis, these types of medical negligence can have serious consequences.

The two main types of medical negligence misdiagnosis are when a condition is completely missed and not diagnosed at all, or when someone is given the wrong diagnosis.

This could mean that you are given the wrong medication that makes a condition deteriorate as a result, or if an illness such as cancer goes undetected after medical assessment, it can leave the victim at a much worse place than if they had been diagnosed when first checked.

Common Misdiagnosis

The more common ways that a wrong diagnosis can be made is when:

  • An X-ray is not read
  • An X-ray is read but a fracture is missed
  • Test results are not acted upon
  • Treatment is not referred at an early stage
  • Medication is not prescribed at an early stage

The most common wrong diagnosis can involve orthopaedics, cancer, or a delayed diagnosis following being seen in A&E in hospital. Most doctors and nurses are highly skilled but unfortunately mistakes happen sometimes because of negligence, when procedures aren’t followed or proper care isn’t taken.

Cover Loss of Earnings, Medical Bills, and Emotional Stress

If you suspect you may have suffered from medical negligence you may feel the need to make a claim for compensation. This could cover you for any loss of earnings, medical bills and expenses and the emotional distress that it can cause. It could also help you to get an apology from the hospital or doctors surgery.

Hattons Can Advise You On Your Options

At Hattons we can advise you of your best options and answer any concerns or questions that you have before processing any claim for compensation.

We work closely with our clients to keep them informed about their claim and our clients can also access our online file view system to find out where their case is up to at their own convenience.

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