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Surgical Negligence

Surgical Negligence Lawyers in St Helens

Undergoing any kind of surgery can be extremely stressful with the worry of if something was to go wrong. Most surgery is carried out professionally with high-quality aftercare, but this is not always the case.

We Help Victims of Medical Negligence to Get the Surgery Compensation They Deserve

At Hattons Solicitors we unfortunately are faced with people who have been victims of negligence both within the NHS and as well as private health care, helping them to get them the surgery compensation they deserve.

Our medical negligence solicitors are experienced in dealing with these often difficult situations. We can help with all areas of surgery negligence and surgery compensation claims. Some of the most common areas of surgery negligence we deal with involve complications with bowel surgery, gynaecological surgery and cardiac surgery.

Below is a list of some of the most common mistakes made in surgery.

  • Damaging nerves, tissue and veins during surgery
  • Performing the wrong type of operation
  • Organs being accidentally perforated
  • Items left inside the body during surgery, such as swabs and surgical implements
  • Performing operations on the wrong organ or body part
  • Infections caused by dirty surgical implements

There is Risk Involved With All Types of Surgery

It’s a fact that there is a certain amount of risk involved with all kinds of surgery, and there are associated complications and side effects of surgery, which would not be considered surgery negligence.

However there are many examples of complications leading to physical and mental pain that could have been prevented if the proper procedures had been followed. In this case you may be entitled to surgery compensation.

We Can Help With Getting Apologies and Changing Procedures to Improve Safety

However we understand that often surgery compensation is not the most important thing. We can help with getting apologies from the appropriate parties, as well as making sure that standards and procedures are changed to make sure that mistakes do not happen again.

You Have Three Years to Make a Surgery Compensation Claim

The law surrounding the time limit to make a medical negligence claims including surgery compensation claims can be complicated but generally must be made within three years of the date that you became aware of complications.

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