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Whilst the majority of mothers deliver without sustaining any significant birth injury, sometimes that is not the case. When negligence occurs during pregnancy or birth, the results are often traumatic and long-term. If you’ve suffered because a doctor or nurse has made a mistake, you may be able to make a compensation claim for a pregnancy or birth injury on the grounds of medical negligence.

If a Birth Injury Occurs Those Supervising the Birth May be Held Accountable

Our birth injury compensation claim solicitors cover a wide range of injuries to both the mother and baby. These can include perineal tears, injuries to the bladder or urethra, haemorrhage, brain damage and problems with the umbilical cord. This list is not exhaustive so if you have suffered from a birth injury, please get in touch with our experienced solicitors who can advise you on your options and support you through making a compensation claim.

In order to minimise the possibility of a birth injury it is important that the right choice of delivery is made. If a birth injury occurs, those supervising the birth could be held accountable, particularly if complications were missed by those present or they failed to carry out procedures in line with their duty of care to patients. The person responsible might be the midwife, obstetrician, or attending doctor.

Failure to Diagnose Complications During Pregnancy Could Result in a Birth Injury or Defect

You might also be able to make a birth injury compensation claim if your midwife or doctor failed to treat you correctly or didn’t spot symptoms of a condition which developed during your pregnancy.

Complications during pregnancy can also go undiagnosed leaving both the mother and baby at risk of a birth injury or defect. Towards the end of pregnancy, pregnant women sometimes need close monitoring to ensure that they can continue safely with the pregnancy, but unfortunately this is not always the case and conditions such as pre-eclampsia are left undiagnosed causing a risk of birth injury to the mother and baby.

If a pregnant woman has or develops diabetes, it can affect the developing baby throughout the pregnancy and may result in a birth injury or defect. There is an increased rate of miscarriage if diabetes develops in early pregnancy, and the birth injuries and defects that can develop affect major organs such as the brain and heart. Often there is a failure to recognise the signs that show a woman is at risk of developing this condition.

To succeed in a birth injury or defect case you have to prove that the birth defect should have been detected whilst the baby was in the uterus by proper testing, and that had it been detected the pregnancy would have been terminated. This is often the case for serious birth defects.

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