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Dental Negligence

Dental Negligence Lawyers in St Helens

If you are the victim of a dental error that could have been prevented, you may need to make a claim for compensation. If so, we’re here to help.

Although most dental treatment is carried out to a high standard, dental negligence happens when someone suffers from inadequate treatment or if an error occurs as a result of a dentist breaching their duty of care.

Once a dental error has happened, it can be painful, expensive, and difficult to correct, which is why a dental claim for compensation may help the situation. Dental negligence, however, is a specialist area of the law and so we make sure that your claim is always looked after by a specialist solicitor.

Incorrect Dental Treatment

A fair amount of people have a hard time going to the dentist for the treatment and care their teeth need. Whether they are scared of the procedures or the cost, they don’t end up making it in until it’s too late. This fear gets exacerbated even further when they do get services and receive incorrect dental treatment. Receiving an unneeded treatment can have more side effects than the psychological ones. Improper dental treatments can lead to other medical issues, costing you more money in additional medical bills. Hattons Solicitors attempts to get you the compensation needed for dental negligence claims across the North West.

Negligent Root Canal Treatment

Root canals can be an expensive procedure based on whether or not you have insurance and where the root canal is needed. Anterior teeth generally cost less than molars, but still hurt the wallet, especially if you didn’t even need one or they poorly performed the operation. When the dentist drills to remove the infection, the hole left behind in your teeth is either filled or a crown gets placed to protect it from further disease. If performed incorrectly, this can lead to further complications requiring additional treatments. Allow our dental negligence solicitors at Hattons in St Helens help you get the compensation for this ill-performed treatment.

Late or Misdiagnosis

A proper diagnosis from your dentist will get you the pain relief needed, and lets you continue to smile daily. Dental negligence, such as completely misdiagnosing an issue or providing a late diagnosis, costs you time and money. While we can never get back the time, Hattons’ lawyers attempt to get you the money missed because of dental negligence.

Misinterpretation of Test Results

If your dentist has misinterpreted results after getting x-rays or other testing for disease and treatment, there can be multiple issues faced after the fact. You could have problems that lead to other needed procedures or prescriptions. Hattons’ dental negligence team will work to get you the compensation for the previous treatments, future procedures, time missed at work, and any other inconveniences brought on by malpractice at your dentist office.

Incorrect Fitting of Crowns or Bridges

Having an ill-fitting crown or bridge can cause more than discomfort when chewing or talking. It can lead to more procedures needed to correct the original negligence and can affect the surrounding teeth in significant ways. You shouldn’t have to pay the bill, let Hattons help you get the money for your new treatments and get you smiling again in no time.

Periodontitis or Periodontal Disease Claims

Examining for and catching periodontal diseases is the work of a general dentist. If this does not get detected during your examination, you could face major issues down the road. Your teeth may become loose, painful to chew with, gums may become inflamed, or teeth may become infected. If these periodontal issues are not caught early, you could also face jaw bone deterioration.

Incorrect Oral Surgery

Having oral surgery often costs more than the money to have it completed. If your surgeon performs the incorrect procedure, you could face double the amount of time out of the office, as well as experience dietary and nutritional deficits. Hattons’ dental negligence team gets you back to eating regularly and the compensation you deserve for the anguish.

Dental Implant Claims

Dental implants are another common surgical option when replacing teeth that need extracting, or replacing those you lost in an accident. Issues faced include jaw and tooth infection, improper prescriptions leading to osteonecrosis, and further operations to correct fundamental mistakes. Let Hattons’ dental negligence team get you the help needed to correct these mistakes.

Orthodontic Errors

Orthodontic errors don’t just happen while in braces or while using clear aligners. Sometimes they even occur after the fact, due to improper treatments or care while in the straightening phase. Patients have either had to have extra teeth pulled or go through braces again. If you are suffering from orthodontal pains, allow Hattons’ dental negligence team to get you the correct procedure and the money deserved for the wasted time, as well as any physical issues faced while receiving improper treatment.

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