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Medical & Dental Negligence

Medical Negligence Lawyers in St Helens

Hattons Solicitors Protect You from Medical Negligence

Doctors and trained medical professionals are there for us in our time of need, but if things go wrong, we’re here to help.

Our team of experienced solicitors specialises in medical negligence and offers confidential advice and support to help you throughout your claim and ensure you receive appropriate compensation if you have been a victim of medical negligence. We make sure all aspects of medical treatment are covered to keep your health as the top priority as we work on your claim. We understand that dealing with clinical negligence can be traumatic and stressful, and so offer honest advice to make sure you receive whatever compensation you deserve. By dealing with cases in this way, it also helps to raise patient awareness, improve medical treatment, and ensure health authorities maintain high standards.

Surgical Procedures, Including Cosmetic

Whether in the National Health Service (NHS) or private health care, we have helped victims of medical negligence across the North West. You deserve compensation for your surgical procedure or compensation for a cosmetic procedure that was performed incorrectly. No matter how large or small the surgery, there is always a risk associated with the outcome. Damaged nerves, items left inside post-surgery, infections, performing the wrong surgery, and even performing it on the incorrect organ or body part has occurred. Once you have the operation, you have three years to make the claim of negligence. These issues don’t always happen right away, and it can take time to realise the mistakes that were made.

Cosmetic surgery has become a more popular option for people over the past 10 years, and with modern advances, it has become much easier to obtain. This also opens the door for medical negligence from doctors that are not as familiar or just getting into the field. Our medical negligence lawyers understand the confidentiality and discretion needed for these types of claims and specialise in handling these cases. We have worked with cases involving tummy tucks, breast augmentation, nose reshaping, face lifts, and eyelid surgery and made sure our clients receive the deserved compensation.

Negligence During Pregnancies and Birth

With medical negligence pregnancy, our lawyers dedicate themselves to getting you and your family the compensation needed after injuries the mother and/or baby sustained during the birthing period. Pre-eclampsia and diabetes often go un-diagnosed by the midwife or doctor. Both can lead to a difficult pregnancy or birth and can affect the mother and child for many years after delivery.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Medical negligence after being diagnosed with cancer includes not carrying out on biopsies, not listening to patient complaints with pain or treatment, inaccurate test results, inappropriate treatment, administering the incorrect medication, and completely misdiagnosing cancer results. This last one can take a serious toll on you mentally. Our medical negligence solicitors in St Helens work to quickly get you the compensation to help with medical bills, get you the proper treatment, and to ease the psychological stress of being diagnosed with cancer. Given the issues faced with travelling, we will also visit the family member in need of our assistance.

Errors and Delays in Diagnosis

Misdiagnosis of illness or fracture can lead to serious and life-threatening complications after leaving the doctor’s office. You could be prescribed the wrong medication, or your body could not heal correctly, leaving you with permanent injuries. Medical negligence happens even when seeking help from the top professionals. Hattons Solicitors will help in covering the loss of earnings, medical bills, and your emotional stress by awarding you the compensation needed from the hospital or medical professional who originally treated and diagnosed you or your loved one.

Negligence Claims Relating to Nursing Home Care

When our elderly population moves into a nursing home, it can be a difficult decision on the family. You have to make sure they are happy with the space, and more importantly, they are receiving the care they deserve. If you believe there has been medical negligence relating to nursing home care at your loved one’s facility, please reach out to Hattons Solicitors and let our negligence lawyers assist in making sure they receive the treatment owed to them and you get properly compensated. Accidents happen, you so may want to start with a formal complaint to ensure the employee is aware of all treatments they should be performing or that the facility is brought up-to-code.

Amputation and Orthopaedic Cases

The lasting effects of medical negligence when it comes to amputation and orthopaedic cases go well beyond the hospital. These are procedures and treatments which will be a part of the rest of your life. If you have wrongly had a ligament removed or had to endure an unnecessary surgery, the medical negligence lawyers at Hattons Solicitors will fight for you to get the proper compensation.

Brain Injuries in Children and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) in children occurs when there is damage to the brain before, during, and after the birthing process. If you experienced issues or complications during this time from your midwife or doctors, reach out to our medical negligence team to research your case and get you the compensation needed to take care of your child. CP can also go misdiagnosed after your child has suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Laser Eye Surgery and Ophthalmic Cases

Laser eye surgery has become the more popular option when people are prescribed glasses and contacts. Modern technology has made the procedure simpler and more affordable. With these advances though comes opportunities for medical negligence. If you have suffered complications with corrective laser surgery and others, like cataract removal, glaucoma, and eye infections, let our medical negligence solicitors in St Helens help get you the required treatment and compensation deserved.

Inquests into Clinical Malpractice and Medical Negligence

Do you suspect medical negligence after a loved one has passed away? Was their death ruling suspicious? Call Hattons Solicitors to hold a medical inquest to get to the bottom of their passing and make sure you and your family get the compensation needed for medical bills, funeral costs, and more. We will also help ease your mind by getting the answers you need to be able to lay them to rest with peace. We question the entire medical team that was involved with the treatment and care of your loved one. Having our medical negligence lawyers put them through this inquest can actually help other families not go through the same suffering.

Claims Arising from the Prescription, Administration, and Dispensing of Drugs

If a medical professional doesn’t prescribe, administer, or dispense the correct drugs to a patient, they can negatively affect them for life. People with addictive traits could accidentally build up a dependence for a drug they never should have had. This medical negligence could impact relationships, personal growth, and job performance. Hattons Solicitors will hold medical professionals accountable and get the compensation needed.

Helping Clients Challenge NHS Care and Decisions

If you are thinking about challenging the NHS (National Health Services) on medical care or a decision they have made regarding your health, contact the medical negligence lawyers at Hattons. We are trained to engage in inquests and ask the proper questions to get the answers you need whether you were misdiagnosed, receive incorrect surgeries, wrongfully suffered an amputation, were prescribed the wrong medication, and more. Reach out to us at 01744 744400 today.

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