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Death in Other Circumstances

Death in Other Circumstances Lawyers in St Helens

If an inquest is being held after a loved one, whether a family member or friend, has passed away in unexpected circumstances then Hattons are on hand to help you through the process and get the answers you need.

Death in other circumstances

Whenever a death happens in uncertain circumstances, where more information is required about how exactly it came about, an inquest will usually be held in order to resolve these unanswered questions. This will usually be where the death has been sudden, involved violence, or is

If there is to be an inquest held after a death, the coroner will make it clear that one is to take place as soon after the death as possible. An inquest involves a formal hearing, and takes place after the collecting of all relevant documentation, evidence and statements.

Hattons can provide specialist legal representation at an inquest, in order to ensure that the rights and views of the family of the deceased are heard and fully taken into account. We will deal with inquests in a professional and sensitive manner with a view to securing you the answers that you are looking for following the unexpected death of a loved one.

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