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Death in Care Homes

Death in Care Homes Lawyers in St Helens

If an inquest is being held after a loved one, whether a family member or friend, has passed away in unexpected circumstances then Hattons are on hand to help you through the process and get the answers you need.

Most care homes do an excellent job at looking after elderly people. Despite this, it is sometimes possible that a loved one in a care home may pass away in unfortunate circumstances, whether it be due to neglect by staff or through sustaining an injury whilst in their care. When an unexpected death of a loved one happens whilst in a care home, it is of course expected that you will have many questions about the circumstances and whether anything could have been done.

An inquest will sometimes be held following a death in a care home, if it was unexpected or questions remain about the circumstances. Hattons can assist with providing legal support and representation during the inquest. We will help to ensure that the facts leading to the death are established, any unresolved questions are answered and your views are heard.

If someone close to you has died in a hospital or a care home, and the cause of death is not clear or the death appears to be suspicious, then a medical inquest may be held. a medical inquest is useful for highlighting any lack of care or negligent treatment that the deceased may have suffered from.

A medical inquest can be distressing and highly emotional for the bereaved

Hattons understand how distressing and highly emotional a medical inquest can be for bereaved families who find themselves in this situation. Appointing a legal representative can ensure that you get the support you need at this difficult time, ensuring that the correct legal process is carried out during the medical inquest hearing.

When assisting with a medical inquest we can provide advice about the process, review and assemble medical records or other documents before the court hearing, and liaise with the coroner.  We are also aware how it is also unlikely that bereaved relatives will know the correct procedure for questioning witnesses at a medical inquest and this can sometimes lead to a feeling that their concerns have not been adequately addressed during the inquest procedure.

The medical team will be questioned at a medical inquest

The medical team who treated the client will also be asked to give evidence at the medical inquest either in person or via a written statement, and will be cross examined and questioned.

If evidence comes out during the medical inquest that your loved one may have died as a result of negligent medical treatment or through neglect, you may wish to make a fatal medical negligence claim. Here at Hattons we will do everything in our power to get you and your family the compensation that you deserve.

We understand how no amount of compensation can replace a lost loved one but it can help to ease the financial burden you may have been left with. Many of our clients also wish to prevent other families having to go through the same tragic events that sadly lead to a medical inquest.

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