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PPI Mis-Selling Lawyers

Most people have heard of PPI and many will also know that the deadline for making a PPI claim was August 2019. However, that is not the end of the story for people who were mis sold PPI and not then end of the opportunity to recover compensation for products that were mis sold to them.

Following a legal case in which Mrs Plevin successfully sued the broker who arranged a PPI product for her, it has become apparent that in many cases, PPI products sold to customers contained high levels of secret commissions paid to the policy arranger. The Financial conduct Authority (FCA) has stated that in their opinion, when that level of commission was 50% or more of the product price, that created an unfair contractual relationship. In many cases, the level of commission paid was well over 70% of the product price.

Am I Eligible to Claim?

Even if you have previously tried to make a claim for PPI and your claim was declined or rejected, you may still be entitled to a “Plevin” Award.
To be eligible you do however need to meet one of the two criteria below:-

  1. That you took out credit for PPI after the 6th April 2007; OR
  2. That you took our credit for PPI before the 6th April 2007 but continued to pay it after the 6th April 2008

How Can Hattons Help?

We have a specialist team dealing with these matters who are experienced in both the law behind the claims and the process that needs to be followed to secure your compensation for you.

Initially, we need to contact your lender to obtain the documentation they hold relating to your credit and PPI policy Once we have this, we will be able to advise you fully as to whether you have a claim and the amount you could look to receive.

What is the Cost?

Hattons operate a “no win, no fee” scheme for these claims, meaning that if you win, your legal costs are deducted from the amount of compensation your receive. However, if your claim is not successful you will not be left with a bill to pay.

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