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Family Law

Family Lawyers in St Helens

Family issues are often complex and emotional situations and choosing the right family law solicitor is one thing less to concern yourself with when handling these issues.

Whether it’s advice following a relationship breakdown, a financial or property dispute or problems relating to children, Hattons offers friendly and focused help every step of the way. We have a Resolution accredited Solicitor, and we also offer Mediation.


If you and your spouse wish to get divorced and have lived together for a year, our team will help you find the best options with regards to divorce proceedings.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we would be able to guide you through the divorce  or Judicial Separation process, when your marriage has broken down. In the circumstances, allow our family solicitors based in St Helens to help you through this emotional and confusing time.

Financial Settlements

The division of financial assets is a stressful experience. Let the professionals at Hattons Solicitors assist in making sure that you receive a fair settlement and what is rightfully yours in a financial settlement, following the divorce. Allowing us to step in keeps you from being subjected to the courts. If the two of you cannot come to a reasonable solution, then we will help you submit your application for financial remedy application with the Courts. Our team will help by giving you all your options and answering any questions you may have about financial situations pertaining to the case, such as pension and property.

Property Disputes (for Unmarried Couples)

Hattons Solicitors will help you with property disputes even if you and the other party are not in a married relationship. We are happy to assist in splitting up the property, money, and other personal belongings.

Child Care Arrangements

It is essential to understand that in family law, the Courts will always favour the welfare of children, and their decision will take into account what is best for them. That being said, we often try not involving the Courts to stop children from facing the ordeal of going through the proceedings. Hattons Solicitors has their best interest at heart and can help with the child arrangement issues such as with whom the child(ren) live with or spend time with, parental responsibility, and assisting grandparents.

Cohabitation Law

Unmarried couples do not have the same rights as married ones, and when you separate, it is best to get a solicitor or family lawyer to make sure you receive proper treatment. We have experience dealing with issues like who has contact with children, how to split residential and personal property, and physical violence threats.

Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

When you need to organise the dissolution of a civil partnership, count on Hattons Solicitors to help you get prepared for the Courts and prove the irretrievable breakdown of the relationship whether due to separation, desertion, or unreasonable behaviour. We can also help organise mediation if both parties are willing to sit down and have the discussion. We will also assist you with a financial settlement following the dissolution of the Civil Partnership.

Domestic Abuse Law

We are here to help with domestic abuse proceedings, whether it has happened once or multiple times in your relationship. It is vital to see help as soon as possible, especially if there are children involved in the abuse or they are impacted by having to watch. Domestic abuse is also not limited to physical violence, and psychological can sometimes be more damaging. We will always start these types of cases by filing for an injunction to have the other party removed from the house and general vicinity in hopes that you can heal and feel safer. Legal aid may be available for your case. Please speak with our adviser.

Family Mediation

Court proceedings can quickly become expensive, and if both parties of the relationship can work together civilly, then we can set up family mediation to resolve issues such as division of financial and personal assets or arrangements for children after the separation. Mediation is a voluntary process and gives you the power to manage your case, rather than handing the decision-making process to the Court. A mediator is neutral, and it is a confidential process save for disclosure of child abuse. It is a cheaper process than going to the court and is less stressful.

Care cases

We deal with care cases, where the Local Authority becomes involve with your family or where the child(ren) have been removed. We also deal with Special Guardianship orders. We are able to offer legal aid as we have a legal aid franchise.

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