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Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in St Helens

If you have been dismissed and you think that the reason is unfair, Hattons can advise you and help you to bring a claim for unfair dismissal.

It is a breach of employment law for an employee to be dismissed without a valid reason. Employers have a duty to act fairly and reasonably when terminating the employment of an employee. For example, a warning should usually be given before dismissal, and an in-depth investigation should be conducted before the decision to dismiss an employee is made.

Dismissal may be unfair in situations such as discrimination against an employee on the basis of a protected characteristic, dismissal because an employee is a member of a trade union, or a redundancy process not being done correctly, such as the employer not consulting the employees about the redundancy. These are the most typical cases, but there are a number of additional situations in which dismissal may be unfair.

A wrongful dismissal claim (basically contractual notice) can privately cost around £500 to £1250 + vat to defend.   These claims can take around 6 months to resolve if the matter needs to be heard by an Employment Tribunal.

If an unfair dismissal claim is privately funded, it could cost around £5000 to £10,000 + vat, depending upon how complex the case is and how many witnesses are actually involved.  This cost would include bringing the claim before the Tribunal and preparing it for hearing, including the disclosure of evidence and witness evidence.  Hearing representation for unfair dismissal can be between £750 to £1500 + vat per day.  These claims can take around 12 months to resolve if the matter needs to be heard by an Employment Tribunal.

You may have legal expenses insurance to cover these costs or we can look at offering you a no-win no-fee agreement (a damages based agreement).  If the claim is funded by a damages based agreement, you only pay a percentage what compensation we get for you.  You do not pay anything if the case loses.

Associate Solicitor Paul Quinn had conduct of these cases and is supervised by Bruce Hatton, Managing Partner.

We can help you to bring an unfair dismissal claim against your employer, resulting in an award of compensation for you if successful.

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