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Contract and Pay Disputes

Contract and Pay Dispute Lawyers in St Helens

A contract between employer and employee is a vital document, as it forms the basis of the relationship between the two parties. Sometimes a dispute may arise about the terms of a contract and how they are applied in practice.

Express terms in a contract may lead to a dispute if they are not being complied with, such as working hours. However, there are also a number of implied terms in contracts, which the tribunal consider to apply to all contracts even if not expressly set out. These implied terms include a duty to maintain trust and confidence through cooperation, to act in good faith towards each other, and to take reasonable care to ensure health and safety in the workplace. Contractual disputes may arise based on issues such as a poor work environment, an increase in workload or an unclear job role which does not correspond with that set out in your contract. Hattons can deal with a vast range of contractual disputes and will aim to resolve them professionally and amicably.

We can also deal with pay disputes.

If you have not received the payment which is owed to you by your employer, Hattons can help to resolve the pay dispute and secure you the money to which you are entitled. This may include things such as an unlawful deduction of wages, or a failure to pay holiday pay or bonuses.

Hattons will always explore resolving these disputes through mediation and arbitration in the first instance, so that the relationship between yourself and your employer can be maintained, and your job kept. However, if necessary, and if sought by you, we can also take these issues to the employment tribunal in order to obtain the result you deserve.

wrongful dismissal claim (basically contractual notice) can privately cost around £500 to £1250 + vat to bring.   These claims can take around 6 months to resolve if the matter needs to be heard by an Employment Tribunal.

You may have legal expenses insurance to cover these costs or we can look at offering you a no-win no-fee agreement (a damages based agreement).  If the claim is funded by a damages based agreement, you only pay a percentage what compensation we get for you.  You do not pay anything if the case loses.

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