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Are you having difficulties in the workplace?
Have you lost your job and believe it was unfair?

Let Hattons Solicitors Help Protect Your Workplace Rights

Are you experiencing difficulties in the workplace? Do you believe your previous employer wrongly dismissed you? Does your current employer refuse to make changes to accommodate your severe health condition? Do you feel like you’re being singled out, treated differently, or discriminated against in any way while in the workplace? Are you facing disciplinary action, or have you raised a workplace complaint that isn’t being dealt with by your employer promptly? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Hattons Solicitors can help. Our experienced employment law solicitors in St Helens provide expert legal advice, support, and representation to help you resolve your workplace disputes and focus on the future.

From Unfair Dismissal to Settlement Payments, We Can Help

Hattons Solicitors represents clients in matters pertaining to all aspects of employment law, including unfair dismissal, redundancy payments, settlement agreements, bullying, discrimination, and contractual or pay disputes. For many claims, it’s imperative that employees initiate them within three months of the occurrence. Failure to file the claim on time means you may not receive fair compensation for your grievance. It’s crucial that you contact Hattons Solicitors as early as possible after a workplace dispute arises, especially if you have grounds to bring your claim to an employment tribunal.

How Does an Employment Tribunal Differ from Court?

Whenever there’s a dispute between an employer and its employees regarding employment rights, an employment tribunal may be called upon to help resolve it. An employment tribunal isn’t as formal as a court hearing, although any decisions reached by an employment tribunal are just as legally binding in the United Kingdom. Other issues commonly brought before an employment tribunal include pay issues involving maternity, paternity, or adoption leave, unlawful wage deductions, disputes surrounding time off for family reasons and dependents, problems involving complaints, grievances and resignations, problems with holidays and holiday pay, and disputes in which employers have failed to pay the National Minimum Wage.

Whatever your specific conflict or breach of contract, our employment law solicitors in St Helens would be happy to examine your case and advise you on filing an employment tribunal claim. Once your claim has been filed, your employer will be allowed to respond and submit their account of the events in question to the employment tribunal. Witness statements and documents may be exchanged back and forth until a hearing is held with both parties and their representation. Once everything has been presented, a decision will be reached, and any compensation will be awarded.

Benefits of Hiring Specialized Solicitors in Employment Law

Disputes involving employment law can be among the most challenging to pursue before an employment tribunal or court. Often, the United Kingdom’s employment laws are written using confusing legal jargon the average person doesn’t understand. When you compound those difficulties with the strict deadlines for filing such claims (three months or less in most cases), it becomes more apparent why you should consider hiring a solicitor who specializes in employment law to aid you with preparing your case. Hiring a solicitor with a proven record of expertise in employment law is to your best advantage versus hiring a general solicitor with less experience in this field. Hattons Solicitors has access to a vast network of resources to help you navigate through the employment laws most relevant to building your case or claim.

How Much Do Your Employment Law Solicitors Charge at Hattons?

Many individuals take their time filing a claim involving an employment dispute due to anxieties about unknown legal costs. At Hattons Solicitors, we’re happy to provide you with a free initial consultation. This will help us determine the eligibility of your claim and if it meets the necessary deadline requirements. After this has been established, you can agree to have your case funded by any of the following means:

• No-win, no-fee basis
• Legal expenses insurance coverage
• Fixed fee (including all settlement agreements)
• Hourly rate for our employment law solicitor

Rely on Our Skilled Employment Law Team in the North West

Paul Quinn, Associate Solicitor, and the rest of our employment law team would welcome the opportunity to assist you with employment law disputes. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the deadlines and paperwork for filing your claims, as well as help you work to resolve your dispute without appearing before an employment tribunal or court whenever possible. Please contact Hattons Solicitors to request your free initial consultation with one of our competent employment law solicitors in St Helens today. You have the right to be treated fairly in the workplace free of discrimination against your race, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, sex or gender assignment, or other beliefs.

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