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It is not permitted to discriminate against somebody by refusing them to enter premises or otherwise restricting their access on the basis of a protected characteristic.

Part 4 of the Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination when you buy, rent or occupy premises.

The Act requires commercial property owners to comply with the provisions preventing discrimination. This includes:

Fair terms when disposing or letting out property

When selling or letting property, it must be ensured that the terms offered to the tenant/buyer are not discriminatory – i.e. charging a disabled person more rent.

Treating a tenant fairly

There must not be discriminatory treatment of a tenant when setting out the rules of the tenancy – for example, prohibiting visitors because a person has a certain ethnic background.

Making physical adjustments to property

Landlords or owners of property are required to make alterations to their property in order to facilitate access for disabled persons.  However, this is only a requirement in circumstance when the it would be reasonable to make the adjustment.

If you have been discriminated against by having access to premises wrongfully restricted or refused, or reasonable adjustments have not been made to facilitate your use of the premises, Hattons can advise you about your rights. If you wish to bring a discrimination claim due to having received unfavourable treatment on the basis of a protected characteristic, we will assist you in obtaining the result you deserve.

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