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Goods, Facilities and Services

Businesses and public bodies must not discriminate against a person when providing goods, facilities and services to the public.

For example, a business should not refuse to serve a customer or provide services of a lower quality because of a person’s race.   The rules are set out in the Equality Act 2010, and although ‘goods, facilities and services’ are not defined in the Act, they can include things such as:

  • Access to public places, such as shops and restaurants
  • Accommodation in a hotel
  • A service such as hairdressing or cleaning

Those providing goods, facilities or services must not treat a customer or client unfavourably on the basis of a protected characteristic. Unfavourable treatment could include things such as:

  • refusing to serve a customer, or provide a service to a client
  • providing a customer or client with a lower-quality product or service
  • providing a customer or client with inferior terms of service

If you believe that you have been discriminated against by a business which provides a service, or a body which exercises a public function, Hattons are able to advise you on your rights and how to enforce them. We can assist you in bringing a discrimination claim against those responsible, with the aim of securing compensation or a recommendation, and helping to prevent future discrimination by the same people.

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