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Service of Notices

Service of Notices Lawyers in St Helens

If you are a landlord wanting to end a tenancy, it is necessary to serve notice in order to inform the tenant of this intention.

The type of notice required can depend on factors such as the type of tenancy agreement and its terms, how long the tenancy is due to last, and whether the tenant is or is not at fault. It can therefore be confusing to know what your rights are and how to go about ending a tenancy.

Additionally, serving a notice is something that is easy to get wrong. Doing so incorrectly can have negative consequences such as the notice being void of effect, and this can cost you your case. There are further rules about what needs to be included in the content of a notice and how exactly it should be served.

With the serving of notices involving so much administrative work and a lot of technicalities to remember, Hattons can deal with this for you to ensure that the notice is being served correctly and your rights as a landlord can be effectively enforced.

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