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Landlord Services

Landlords Lawyers in St Helens

Hattons Solicitors are experts in helping Landlords with the following:

Residential Tenancy Agreements

The law relating to residential tenancies is both complex and fast changing, with the requirements placed on landlords being onerous and the penalties for non-compliance being expensive.

Having sound advice at the outset of becoming a residential Landlord will undoubtedly mean that should difficulties arise throughout the duration of the tenancy you will be better protected than if you have not received advice, and have not complied with the law.

We can assess your circumstances to help you decide what the best options for you are and draft a tenancy agreement for you.

If you already have an agreement with your Tenant, and your Tenant is breaching the terms of that agreement, then we can also offer advice as to the quickest and most cost-effective ways to resolve the dispute.

Non-payment of rent

At Hattons Solicitors we know that landlords need rent from their tenants to meet their own responsibilities. We can therefore provide clear advice as to securing possession of your property if you are not being paid. Hattons Solicitors can deal with the whole process for you, from drafting and serving the initial notices on your tenants, through the Court process and hearing, to arranging a bailiff to evict the tenant if necessary.

Defending claims from tenants

At Hattons, we know that Landlords can be left in hardship after compensation claims from their tenants and that is why we have experts on hand ready to help defend claims against them.

Common claims include the following:-

  • Is your tenants alleging that you have breached the terms of the Lease?
  • Is your tenant alleging that they have sustained illness from your property?
  • Have you received court papers alleging that you did not protect their deposit?

Hattons can help Landlords to defend claims of this nature, and other claims, in a straightforward and cost effective way, helping you to get the right result as quickly as possible.

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