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Defending Employment Tribunal proceedings

Employment Tribunal Lawyers in St Helens

Hattons have wide experience in defending a variety of proceedings in the Employment Tribunal, including redundancies, discrimination, and TUPE. If you are an employer having action brought against you by an employee or former employee, we can help.

Hattons will explore all avenues of settling a dispute, including through negotiation and mediation, reaching a commercial settlement if possible. However, we are also prepared to take robust action to defend an employer’s reputation at a Tribunal if proceedings are commenced.

We will assist you with preparing for the proceedings, making sure that you are fully informed of all possibilities and risks involved. With so many different stages to a Tribunal claim, we will ensure that all key deadlines are met and clear guidance is given at all stages. We can also advise you going forward, such as whether an appeal would be worth considering should judgment be made against you, and how you may be able to change working processes to prevent similar claims being brought in the future.

A wrongful dismissal claim (basically contractual notice) can cost around £500 to £1250 + vat to defend.   These claims can take around 6 months to resolve if the matter needs to be heard by an Employment Tribunal.

If an unfair dismissal claim is privately funded, it could cost around £5000 to £10,000 + vat, depending upon how complex the case is and how many witnesses are actually involved.  This cost would include bringing the claim before the Tribunal and preparing it for hearing, including the disclosure of evidence and witness evidence.  Hearing representation for unfair dismissal can be between £750 to £1500 + vat per day.  These claims can take around 12 months to resolve if the matter needs to be heard by an Employment Tribunal.

Associate Solicitor Paul Quinn had conduct of these cases and is supervised by Bruce Hatton, Managing Partner.

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