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Terms of Sale, Purchase or Services

Terms of Sale, Purchase or Services Lawyers in St Helens

With so many other things to do, for some, actually devoting time and attention to the finer details of the terms and conditions of trade is often overlooked. However, not getting it right from the start can cause uncertainty, misunderstandings and impact cash flow. In short, it’s important to do what you can to protect your business.

Not every business is the same and perhaps using or relying on the wording of another business you may have come across is risky. How well drafted are they in the first place? Are they actually suitable to what your business needs, either generally or for a specific project? With the main and standard terms and conditions covered from the outset, you can have the confidence to concentrate on other tasks.

Having clear terms and conditions means you know what is expected, when and by whom. By having clear obligations, the likelihood of a later dispute can be reduced. What should, or shouldn’t, be included in a contract will differ, however they will generally define:

  • The products or services to be provided
  • Payment terms and interest
  • Any guarantees or warranties offered
  • Timelines
  • What happens if there is a breach
  • How the contract can be ended

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