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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights Lawyers in St Helens

For many businesses or individuals, Intellectual Property (IP) is probably the most valuable asset.

Particularly in a marketplace were having an edge on the competition is can give your business the advantage it needs to succeed. As such, it is essential to have an awareness of the rights your business could have and to get specialist legal advice on how best to manage, exploit and protect your intellectual property you may have developed within brands, inventions, designs, know-how, or literary or other artistic works.

Intellectual property can be complex. It isn’t always just innovative products and designs that are covered, it can also include many other aspects of your business such as your brand name, logo, know how, customer data and even reputation. A first step can be to actually identify what the intellectual property is by providing an IP audit of your business.

Whilst some intellectual property rights can arise automatically, there are others that would need to be registered at the appropriate Intellectual Property Office. A failure to register your rights could mean that you will have difficulty in enforcing them, leaving you with less protection in the event others try to use your works, materials, products or inventions without your consent.

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