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Services fro Safe and Secure House at Hattons Solicitors

Here to help repair the housing issues faced by tenants

It is really important that your house is secure, safe and somewhere where you feel protected, and when you are renting a property you have certain rights to ensure this. Here at Hattons we can help protect those rights to make sure your house really does feel like home.

We fully understand that many tenants are unable to fund expensive court proceedings against their landlords if issue arise to threaten this security, and so will assess your claim to see if we can act for you under a no-win-no-fee agreement or offer flexible payment terms.

We can help with the following:

  • Tenancy deposit claims
    If you rent a property in an assured shorthold tenancy and have paid a deposit, your landlord should have protected the deposit (your money) in one of three government-backed schemes. Your landlord is only entitled to it the end if they can prove that you failed to pay rent and/or caused damage. As a result, if you suspect that your landlord has not protected your deposit in a scheme you could be entitled to compensation. If this is the case, we can check on your behalf if you are eligible to claim.
  • Section 21 notices
    If you’ve received a notice from your landlord trying to gain possession of your property and don’t know what to do next, we can help. We’ll give you easy-to-understand advice about whether the notice is correct and investigate whether you do need to move out of the property or see what can be done to stop or postpone your eviction.
  • Possession proceedings
    Being faced with proceedings to be removed from your property is extremely daunting and stressful. This can occur for several reasons, with the most common non-payment of rent. We can help in resisting possession proceedings, and so if you have received them or your landlord has threatened to do so, don’t delay and get in touch today.

“Whether renting privately or through their local authority or housing association, we are seeing many tenants encounter issues with their landlords, including disrepair,” says director Bruce Hatton. “These issues range from rising damp, mould and leaks to dangerous wiring and vermin infestations, and so you need someone on your side if something like this or similar happens to you.

“Tenancy agreements should provide protection, but sadly many landlords don’t always fulfil their obligations. If this is the case, then tenants can claim for breach of the contract. We are seeing more cases of tenants who have told their landlord of a problem but are still waiting for repairs to be carried out, and are securing compensation for those with uncooperative or unreasonable landlords, including obtaining court orders to get works carried out. We are also securing compensation for inconvenience and abatements of rent if tenants have not been able to use their homes in the normal way or illness has been caused by the disrepair.”

To assess whether you have a claim for disrepair, all we need is a photograph of the issue, details of when the disrepair was reported to the landlord and a copy of the tenancy agreement if you have it.

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Assisting tenants living with housing disrepair

At Hattons we are often asked, “how much compensation will I receive if I make a claim?”

There are a lot of things we need to consider before we can answer this question, but rest assured Hattons will always be trying to get you the best result.

In a recent housing disrepair case; An assured shorthold tenant of a two-bedroomed flat complained, amongst other things, about rats getting into the property.

Clearly upset by the situation, the tenant reported the problems to their landlord and kept records of when they had telephoned and written to their landlord but even after a year; no repairs had been carried out.

Understandably the tenant sought legal advice and commenced a housing disrepair case.

When this particular case reached the Court room, the Judge considered that the rat infestation was the worst of the tenant’s complaints. The Judge decided that the tenant should be entitled to the equivalent of 80% of the value of the rent back from 28 days after the first notification to the landlord.

By the time the matter was brought before the Court, 60 weeks had elapsed since the tenant had first informed their landlord of the rat infestation and the tenant had continued to pay just under £300 a week in rent. This tenant therefore received a substantial compensation award.

Hattons are assisting tenants, both locally and nationwide who have been living with disrepair and helping them seek not only compensation but a Court Order to ensure that the repairs are completed.

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Helping rented houses become homes

Many tenants have issues with their landlords, whether they are privately renting, local authority or housing association but one issue they shouldn’t have is living with disrepair.

Disrepair comes in many forms, the most common being: rising damp, mould, leaks, water damage, cracks, dangerous wiring and vermin infestation.

When tenants sign their tenancy agreement they are usually afforded a number of protections, the most relevant is that the landlord will keep the property in a good state of repair. This does not extend as far as improvements; a landlord ought to repair a broken window frame but there is no requirement to put in double glazing for instance.

Unfortunately, landlords don’t always fulfil their obligations and when they fail to do so a tenant can bring a claim for breach of the contract. The landlord’s obligation usually only extends as far as the structure, the exterior and the supply of utilities to the property. This means that a basis for a disrepair claim would be for damage caused by a water leak but not for damage caused by condensation by way of example.

At Hattons, we are seeing more and more tenants who have notified their landlord of a problem on the phone, online and even face to face but they are still waiting for the repairs to be carried out.

Usually people communicate with their landlords on the phone, particularly when their landlord is a local authority or a housing association because they have a repairs line, but when people notify their landlord in writing they can keep a copy which can be helpful in a claim for disrepair.

We are securing compensation for those tenants who have experienced an uncooperative or unreasonable landlord after they have reported a problem and obtaining a Court Order to ensure that the works are carried out.

Compensation can be claimed for inconvenience; if you could not use your home in the normal way, an abatement of rent if any of the rooms were uninhabitable, damaged property; for example, if your clothes became mouldy; or if you or anyone you live with has experienced an illness as a result of the disrepair.
So, what do we need to assess whether you have a claim for disrepair? Photographs of the disrepair, details of when the disrepair was reported to the landlord and a copy of the tenancy agreement if you have it.

We offer a 30 minute free consultation with one of our team who will assess whether you have a potential claim.

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