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Family Law

Contesting Unreasonable behaviour

Contesting Unreasonable Behaviour – What Are Your Options?

Contesting unreasonable behaviour is something that you may want to do if you have been served divorce papers but disagree with either the fact for the divorce itself or the specifics of the allegations of unreasonable behaviour made against you.  When discussing divorce matters, the term unreasonable behaviour means that one half of a married […]

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Unreasonable behaviour divorce examples

Unreasonable Behaviour Divorce Examples – Do You Have Grounds for Divorce?

In Divorce matters, unreasonable behaviour means that your spouse has behaved in a way that means you cannot be reasonably expected to live with them. Examples of unreasonable behaviour when divorcing your husband or wife include but are not limited to; being subjected to physical violence, verbal abuse, substance abuse including alcohol or narcotics, social […]

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Writing a will during lockdown

Writing a Will During Lockdown  

How to write a will during lockdown. Solicitors are seeing a surge in the number of people wishing to make a will – at exactly the time it’s harder than ever to do so but this article will guide you through how you can still write or update a will during lockdown. The UK is […]

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What to consider before writing a will

What To Consider Before Writing A Will

None of us like to think about dying which might explain why nearly 60% of adults in the UK don’t have a will but if you die without a valid will in place, inheritance laws called the Rules Of Intestacy come in to play and will decide who is entitled to inherit what in relation […]

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Do the post office do wills

Do The Post Office Do Wills?

From driving licence forms to sending off for your passport, the Post Office is a place where many of us handle some of life’s most important documents so if you’re looking for help with writing a will, it is understandable how it might seem like the Post Office could be a good place to start, […]

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