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Employment Law

Employee awarded over £40,000 for claims including pregnancy and maternity discrimination

An employee, who was only two months into her maternity leave when she was dismissed, has been awarded over £40,000 by an Employment Tribunal for claims including pregnancy and maternity discrimination. Discrimination arising from pregnancy and maternity The employee had been on maternity leave for only two months when she stopped receiving statutory maternity pay.  […]

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Employment Rights After 2 Years – The Facts

It’s a little known fact that new employees must work continuously for an employer before they are given full employment rights. This means that employees are not entitled to statutory redundancy pay and cannot normally bring a claim for unfair dismissal until they have worked with the company for two years. But what are the […]

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In defence of discrimination

Under the Equality Act, an employer is responsible for anything done by an employee during their course of employment.  So, if a colleague uses discriminatory language towards another, the employer can be liable for it. However, all is not lost for an employer as there is a defence available.  If the employer can demonstrate they […]

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Consequences of breach of contract

Consequences Of Breach Of Contract

When you sign a contract, you and at least one other party enter a legally binding agreement to adhere to the terms of set out in the document. Common contracts include employment contracts, tenancy agreements and service contracts to name just a few. If you or the other party has breached the terms of a […]

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Breach of confidentiality by employer

Breach Of Settlement Agreement By Employer

If you have reached a settlement agreement with your employer, both parties are legally obligated to adhere to the terms agreed. In this article we will tell you what to do if your former employer has breached the terms of the settlement agreement and what compensation you may be entitled to receive as a result. […]

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