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After what was an nice evening out turned into a nightmare for a Claimant who upon her return home found the defendant parked across the front of her property. After being asked to move their vehicle on more than one occasion the Defendant eventually moved their vehicle however in doing so in a reckless manner collided with the Claimant twice knocking her over.

Despite the incident being caught on CCTV on numerous attempts to settle the claim the Defendants legal representatives defended the matter all the way to trial. Despite being very nervous and suffering psychological injuries caused by the accident by reassuring the Claimant throughout about the strength of her case her evidence was clear and the matter was settled in the Claimant’s favour.

It is often viewed claims can take a long time to settle but with the numerous hurdles to overcome throughout the life of a claim it is only when it is experienced first hand by a Claimant that it becomes clear of the lengths that we need to go, to obtain a successful outcome.

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