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Service Focus: Accident at Work

When an accident in the work place happens it can often have devastating consequences, and the most frustrating thing is that often these injuries could have been prevented through better training or appropriate health and safety procedures.

Hattons recently ensured that a client not only won her personal injury claim, but also ensured she was awarded considerably more than the defendants initially offered.

If you have been involved in an accident in the work place that wasn’t your fault, for example gaining a back injury at work or factory accident, call 0800 298 9690 for free initial advice or fill in the Claim Form here.

Workplace fall gives rise to deserved personal injury settlement

Hattons recently ensured that a client not only won her personal injury claim, but also ensured she was awarded considerably more than the defendants initially offered.

After first contacting us simply for some straightforward advice following a trip and fall at work due of loose floor trunking, we straight away could see that she had a genuine case and proceeded to represent her all the way to a final hearing.

By reassuring her throughout about the strength of her case, we were able to guide her to reject the pre-medical offer the defendants made at the outset, as well as subsequent offers, until she received what she deserved and was awarded a considerably higher sum at the final hearing.

“Very often now we are seeing matters settled for substantially higher amounts than what was first offered by the defendants,” says Chris Howard, Associate Solicitor.”

“It’s a worrying feature because as a profession we are obviously unaware of the number of cases that are being settled directly with claimants, which means they haven’t had the opportunity to instruct a solicitor to deal with it on their behalf. As a result, we simply don’t know how many cases out there are being under settled. Thankfully on this occasion we were able to take on he case and ensure our client got both the representation and settlement she deserved.”

Assisting tenants living with housing disrepair

At Hattons we are often asked, “how much compensation will I receive if I make a claim?”

There are a lot of things we need to consider before we can answer this question, but rest assured Hattons will always be trying to get you the best result.

In a recent housing disrepair case; An assured shorthold tenant of a two-bedroomed flat complained, amongst other things, about rats getting into the property.

Clearly upset by the situation, the tenant reported the problems to their landlord and kept records of when they had telephoned and written to their landlord but even after a year; no repairs had been carried out.

Understandably the tenant sought legal advice and commenced a housing disrepair case.

When this particular case reached the Court room, the Judge considered that the rat infestation was the worst of the tenant’s complaints. The Judge decided that the tenant should be entitled to the equivalent of 80% of the value of the rent back from 28 days after the first notification to the landlord.

By the time the matter was brought before the Court, 60 weeks had elapsed since the tenant had first informed their landlord of the rat infestation and the tenant had continued to pay just under £300 a week in rent. This tenant therefore received a substantial compensation award.

Hattons are assisting tenants, both locally and nationwide who have been living with disrepair and helping them seek not only compensation but a Court Order to ensure that the repairs are completed.

Click here to find out more about Hattons Housing Disrepair expertise.

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Helping rented houses become homes

Many tenants have issues with their landlords, whether they are privately renting, local authority or housing association but one issue they shouldn’t have is living with disrepair.

Disrepair comes in many forms, the most common being: rising damp, mould, leaks, water damage, cracks, dangerous wiring and vermin infestation.

When tenants sign their tenancy agreement they are usually afforded a number of protections, the most relevant is that the landlord will keep the property in a good state of repair. This does not extend as far as improvements; a landlord ought to repair a broken window frame but there is no requirement to put in double glazing for instance.

Unfortunately, landlords don’t always fulfil their obligations and when they fail to do so a tenant can bring a claim for breach of the contract. The landlord’s obligation usually only extends as far as the structure, the exterior and the supply of utilities to the property. This means that a basis for a disrepair claim would be for damage caused by a water leak but not for damage caused by condensation by way of example.

At Hattons, we are seeing more and more tenants who have notified their landlord of a problem on the phone, online and even face to face but they are still waiting for the repairs to be carried out.

Usually people communicate with their landlords on the phone, particularly when their landlord is a local authority or a housing association because they have a repairs line, but when people notify their landlord in writing they can keep a copy which can be helpful in a claim for disrepair.

We are securing compensation for those tenants who have experienced an uncooperative or unreasonable landlord after they have reported a problem and obtaining a Court Order to ensure that the works are carried out.

Compensation can be claimed for inconvenience; if you could not use your home in the normal way, an abatement of rent if any of the rooms were uninhabitable, damaged property; for example, if your clothes became mouldy; or if you or anyone you live with has experienced an illness as a result of the disrepair.
So, what do we need to assess whether you have a claim for disrepair? Photographs of the disrepair, details of when the disrepair was reported to the landlord and a copy of the tenancy agreement if you have it.

We offer a 30 minute free consultation with one of our team who will assess whether you have a potential claim.

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Hattons-stance – Be prepared, before you go on holiday

With many people preparing to head abroad at this time of year, the Holiday Claims Team at Hattons are urging everyone to take a few simple steps in order to be prepared just in case things don’t go according to plan.

Because a dream holiday can so easily be ruined by something as simple as injury or illness, the team say that by bearing this in mind and knowing what to look out for before you go away you can ensure that you can at least make sure that you have the best chance of sorting it out afterwards.

“We are certainly not trying to ruin anyone’s fun and are aware that the weeks leading up to a well-earned holiday are full of excitement at the prospect,” says Bruce Hatton, Director at Hattons. “However, we do see quite a lot of cases where people have their breaks ruined by injury or illness that was no fault of their own. If that is the case, by knowing what to look out for before you go away you can at least make sure you have the best chance of recovering compensation when you return back home.”

With that in mind, Hattons have the following tips that will help people to gather and conserve evidence that will go towards helping any subsequent claim:

  • Don’t travel without insurance
  • Be prepared if you become unwell, and know what to do
  • Make sure you have basic medication and water in stock
  • See the resort doctor if you need to and don’t forget to keep their name and contact details
  • Make a report of the illness to the hotel and take names of the staff involved and any other fellow holidaymakers who are ill
  • Take photos of any food/conditions/issues that caused the illness or injury
  • Keep a note of the food you ate that you think made you ill and note what was wrong with it eg. if it was uncooked, cold or had a bad taste
  • Note where you ate it in the hotel if there are more than one restaurant write down the one you think made you poorly and what was on the menu as best you recall
  • Keep any receipts for prescriptions or treatments
  • Also if other people in your party or other guests were ill get as many witnesses as possible

“By just following these few simple steps, if the worst should happen on your holiday, then at least you will give yourself the best chance of making sure you are compensated. We can then guide you every step of the way to help you get what you deserve.” adds Bruce Hatton, Director at Hattons.

Call Hattons Solicitors today on 01744 744400 for free impartial advice. We’re on your side.

Hattons-stance – How to right the wrongs of a ruined holiday

With illness and injury being a major cause of ruined holidays, usually through no fault of your own, the Holiday Claims Team say it is important that people know there are things that can be done. Whether you’ve fallen ill or been injured due to someone or something else, they say that bringing about a claim for compensation when you return to the UK is a lot easier than you may think.

“We see all too often case of where people have worked hard, saved hard and paid a lot of money for a well-earned holiday only to see it ruined through no fault of their own – whether it be food poisoning or an injury caused by a wet floor. If that is the case, then people need to know that they can seek a refund and compensation to make up for what they’ve been through,” says Bruce Hatton, Director at Hattons.

“Here at Hattons we have a dedicated team who can help at every stage of the process, and will provide the very best advice on how to get what you are rightfully owed. Basically, if your holiday has been ruined through no fault of your own, then you need to make sure you don’t let the opportunity pass when you return to the UK. Come and speak to us and we’ll make sure that your holiday cloud does at least have a silver lining.”

Click here to find out more about Hattons’ Holiday Injury expertise.

Hattons-stance – Protection in case your holiday isn’t the full package

As many people prepare to head off on holiday at this time of year, the Holiday Claims Team at Hattons are urging people to be prepared in case their holiday turns out not to be the full package.

With many holidays so easily be ruined by something as simple as injury or illness, the team say that by making sure you know what is classed as a package holiday and what is not you will ensure you stand the best chance of seeking redress should something go wrong.

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Hattons Solicitors, helping to secure your protection from domestic abuse

Sadly, domestic abuse remains common place and the statistics confirm that prosecution for domestic abuse related offences are on the rise. Hopefully, that rise is due to more men and women affected by domestic abuse coming forward and seeking protection.

Domestic abuse is not just a women’s issue, men and children often suffer from domestic abuse too. Many of those who experience domestic abuse feel unable to make reports to the police or come forward and admit the situation they face at home or in their relationships. The chilling reality is, often this abuse is taking place behind closed doors and in their own homes where everyone deserves to feel safe.

When we hear of domestic abuse, images of black eyes and other injuries come to mind. Often, however, domestic abuse takes other forms. Domestic abuse is defined as any incident or patterns of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between intimate partners or family members. Domestic abuse can therefore include physical, psychological, sexual, financial and emotional abuse.

There are ways to protect against domestic abuse continuing. Hattons Solicitors can represent you in making applications to the Family Court for Orders such as Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders. A Non-Molestation Order offers protection by making it a criminal offence for the abuse to continue. The Orders are often detailed and can prevent a named person from using or threatening violence against you or coming within a certain distance of your property. An Occupation Order can help protect you by removing a person’s right to enter the family home even if they legally own it.

Here at Hattons we have specialist lawyers committed to helping those who are often most vulnerable and in need of protection.

We are proud to continue to hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency which means that we can arrange for your legal representation to be paid for by Legal Aid. We also have close links with local domestic violence support organisations whom we can put you in touch with to offer further support.

Call Hattons Solicitors today on 01744 744400. We’re on your side.

Legal advice you can trust

FOR more than 15 years Hattons Solicitors has been offering professional legal advice in all aspects of law.

Based in the North West, Hattons Solicitors provide professional, cost effective and accessible legal advice. Put simply, we’re on your side.

With a friendly and experienced legal team, we strive to listen, understand, empathise and communicate clearly to all our individual clients who have suffered injury. We take pride in our work and in the progress of each client’s case from start to completion with the objective of obtaining a satisfactory settlement for all.

Over the years Hattons has become well known in the region for offering cost effective legal advice, while holding a reputation that is friendly, efficient and professional.

Client satisfaction is a vital focus for the firm, and its solicitors are very proud of the fact that many of their clients rate the service as excellent, and recommend the company to family and friends.

Director Bruce Hatton said:

“No matter what your issue, we always offer the same excellent service – honest, accessible, friendly advice that gives you the best chance of the outcome you deserve.”

With specialist legal experts in all aspects of law, Hattons is on the side of the client every step of the way. Mr Hatton said:

“Our specialist areas include all areas of personal injury, professional negligence, wills and probate, employment law, family law and business law.

“We offer clear advice by first listening to your needs, then looking through the options available to you.

“Our excellence and quality of work is reinforced by our Law Society Lexcel accreditation.

“We are also accredited members of the Law Society in specialist areas such as personal injury and family law, meaning that we have to maintain high standards.”

Hattons understands that each client has individual needs and offers regular communication about the progress of their case. The online client file view system allows clients to log in and view their case in real time at their own convenience.

Mr Hatton added:

“When you use Hattons Solicitors you can be assured of excellent service from a legal firm you can trust.”

To find out more information contact Hattons Solicitors on 0800 298 9690.

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