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Hattons Solicitor’s and Love Rugby League’s Fans Awards Poll Results

We teamed up with rugby news website Love Rugby League to give fans of the sport a chance to choose their favourite aspects of the 2014 Super League season. Over 1700 rugby lovers took part in the poll to cast their votes for their favourite stadium, team, coach, player and much more.

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Our new Incase App

Why did we choose the Incase app?

After years of looking for ways to keep our clients up to date with the status of their case I finally came across a company who offered a fresh, modern approach to the problem. Instant phone based notifications when a significant step is taken in their case’s progress.

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Hattons take on the Irn Bru Taylor Park Challenge

Last weekend the Hattons team took part in the fifth annual Irn Bru Taylor Park Challenge, a special event organised by the Steve Prescott Foundation.

The charity shares close ties with Hattons through our business development manager Mike Denning, close friend of the late Steve Prescott and chairman of the highly active foundation. The event was the first to take place since Steve’s passing last November and plenty of people came to show their support for a great cause.

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Hattons Solicitors supports the Askvas Walk For Precky

Hattons Solicitors is showing its support for the Steve Prescott Foundation by getting involved in their latest fundraising event. The AskVAS Walk For Precky, which started on the 5th of May, will see Hattons Business Development Manager Mike Denning and a number of volunteers and support staff walking the 900 miles that separate Land’s End from John O’Groats, all in the space of 12 gruelling days.

The walk will help raise money for the foundation and the many charities and organisations associated with it. These include the Christie Cancer Hospital, rugby league injury support charity Try Assist and the Oxford Transplant Foundation.

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Hattons support Stephen Bunting

Stephen Bunting, is playing in the UK Open finals this Friday, Saturday and Sunday live on ITV4. Hattons Solicitors ( who sponsored and presented Stephens Pride of St Helens Sports Personality Award recently) are proud to support this local champion Stephen who won the World title, and a Pro Tour event on his first weekend at the PDC. Hattons Solicitors senior Partner Bruce Hatton said “We are really excited and very proud to be associated with such a worthy champion and hope to work with Stephen further in the future”

Cyclist deaths are now at a five-year high

More and more people are taking to their bicycles as concerns are raised over car pollution, saving money on fuel and improving health. The government announced last week that they were going to inject a massive £94m cash injection to promote cycling. Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and Norwich will share £77m, with four national parks getting a further £17m.

A Cycling Revolution?

The money is set to improve existing and fund new cycle routes. The government says it also wants to cut red tape to facilitate cyclist-friendly planning.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he wanted to start “a cycling revolution”. The government is aiming to make it easier and safer for people who already cycle, as well as encouraging more people to take up cycling.

Greater Manchester will get £20m of the budget to build or improve a huge 30 miles of cycle paths and create new 20mph speed limit zones around the city.

But Will Safety Improve?

Cyclist deaths rose 10% to 122 during 2012, with serious injuries increasing to a massive 3208 up by 4%, the latter increasing for the eighth consecutive year.

Shadow transport secretary Maria Eagle said: “No amount of cynical spin from David Cameron will make up for the fact that, immediately on taking office, he axed Cycle England, the Cycle Demonstration Towns scheme and the annual £60m budget to support cycling that he inherited.

“Since then he has axed targets to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads, reduced traffic enforcement, cut the THINK! awareness campaign and allowed longer HGVs.

“Tragically the number of cyclist deaths is now at a five-year high, reversing the progress that was starting to be made, and reports of new casualties are becoming a weekly occurrence,” she said.

Both Cyclists and Motorists Need to Take Heed

Of the 122 deaths in 2012, 106 are known to have taken place due to a collision with a motor vehicle, while a number of the remaining deaths are still being investigated. In 61 of the fatalities, a car was involved, but others involved Lorries, HGV’s, Buses, Taxis and Motorbikes.

Why Are Serious Injuries Increasing?

Debbie Wainwright, Associate Solicitor at Hattons Solicitors said, “It is reasonable to assume that the more cyclists that take to the road the higher the risk of accidents and without suitable cycle routes and safety in many places, accidents will continue to happen. Increasing dangerous road conditions are another cause of problems for cyclists with large potholes, ice and raised road surfaces, which the government is yet to tackle to the extent needed for safe road conditions. It is great that the government are attempting to take action but is it too little too late? Only time will tell.”

If you need legal advice on making a claim after a cycling accident call our friendly legal team on 0800 298 9690, email info@hattonssolicitors.com or fill in the Claim Now form to the right of this screen.

Information taken from BBC News online article on 12th August, The Times online article 2nd January 2013

Mystery over too many serious head injuries in halton

Reportedly the borough of Halton has the highest number of serious head injuries in the country* with the figures showing that someone suffers a serious injury nearly every other day.

Halton is closely followed in the statistics by Liverpool, St Helens, Knowsley, Warrington and the Wirral. These figures are particularly worrying as there does not appear to be a particular reason for this.

Serious injuries can include brain, spinal, and head injuries as well as severe burns or scalds, loss of sight, amputations or any combination of these. The consequences of these injuries would be traumatic and life changing for the victim.

Legal Advice Is Vital to Make Sure You Are Covered for Long Term Injuries

In many instances where a serious injury is suffered, responsibility for the injury will rest not with the victim, but with another party. In those circumstances, the victim is entitled to claim compensation from the responsible party.

Going about obtaining this compensation would be a daunting task for anyone when faced with aggressive Defendants and Insurance companies, often trying to either deny they were responsible for the injuries you have sustained, or trying to argue that your injuries have not had as devastating effect on your life as you know they have.

As such, it is vital that you as an accident victim obtain legal advice from an independent specialist in this type of work to fight your corner for you, and that you do not try to deal with the matter yourself directly with an insurance company.

It is important that you act fast as you only have 3 years from the date that you suffered the serious injury to make a claim.

Whilst in serious injury cases it may be some time to establish the full extent of your injuries, and their effect upon your life, it is still far more beneficial to involve a Solicitor in your claim as early as possible, to ensure that the correct approach to dealing with your claim is taken

Expert Solicitor Debbie Wainwright Describes the Difference Compensation Can Make

Associate Solicitor Debbie Wainwright has worked at Hattons Solicitors for 9 years, with vast experience of dealing with seriously injured accident victims and understands the devastating effect an accident can have, not only on the person injured but also on their loved ones. ” It’s a sad fact that these clients have to often adjust their whole lives, needing long term specialist care. It can make such a difference to their future quality of life, and also their loved ones, by receiving the compensation they so deserve.”

Debbie is prepared to go the extra mile to help her clients. She is a committee member of the Halton and St Helens branch of Headway – The Brain Injury Association, which provides assistance and support for both the victims and their families. She has pioneered a fundraising bike ride with 5 of Hattons staff, for the Headway that rose over £2200.

Serious Injuries – why choose Hattons?

Our team of expert solicitors can help you in many ways. We understand which experts to instruct to assist you, including specialist medical experts to assess the long term effects of your injury, and rehabilitation experts to help you try to get your life back on track. At Hattons we embrace a rounded holistic approach to rehabilitation for our clients ensuring that the client’s individual interests are kept at the centre of the case. With no two clients the same, we make sure that we meet the individual needs of each client to get the right result of them.

Serious Injury Case Studies

Cyclist Collided with a Lorry – Hattons Help Obtained £70,000 Compensation

The cyclist lost consciousness for several hours and suffered a fractured skull and neck pain. They went on to be at risk of epilepsy, a slower sense of mental reaction and developed short temperedness and irritability. Compensation helped the victim who struggled to return to work on a full time basis.

Motorcyclist Collided with Car – Hattons Help Secured £200,000 Compensation

The motorcyclist suffered a number of serious injuries to their joints and internal organs and then developed depression, needing years of care following the accident. Compensation has gone towards helping to improve their quality of life.

If you would like advice on making a claim for compensation after a serious injury call our specialist team on 0800 2989690, email info@hattonssolicitors.com or fill in the Claim Now Form and we’ll ring you back.

* Published by the South West Public Health Observatory. Statistics are taken between 2008-11.

Man gets £11,000 in Damages after an Accident at Work

Factories and warehouses can often be hazardous places to work in and too often companies do not have adequate health and safety procedures in place. This can lead to very serious injuries such as loss of limbs, burns and scaring and even lead to fatality.

Warehouse Worker Gained £11,000 in Compensation

Recently a warehouse worker from St Helens was injured at work and with the help of Hattons Solicitors gained £11,000 in damages.

He was working with an electric pickup truck in a warehouse attempting to manoeuvre between two other stationary trucks. As he was watching another truck come towards him, the wheel of his truck hit a hole in the floor causing the truck to jerk and he wrenched his arm.

The man reported the accident to his workplace and filled in an accident form, which was important as there was then an official record of the injury happening.

Warehouse Accident Caused Long Term Pain

Unfortunately he suffered severe pain in his right elbow, neck and shoulder and after 4 weeks of trying to deal with the pain at work, was signed off. After suffering with the pain for a few months he decided to make a claim for compensation as he started to lose earnings and realised that the injury could be long term.

These kinds of factory and warehouse injuries can be far too common, with workers not receiving the right training to use industrial equipment safely. Hattons Solicitors also recently gained £12,500 in compensation for a man in Ipswich who suffered a fractured leg in an accident at work where an electric truck collided with him.

Make a Claim Sooner Rather Than Later as Time Limits are Strict

There are strict time limits on how soon you can make a claim for compensation after an accident at work, so it is best to pursue your claim sooner rather than later, as this will assist in preserving evidence.

Should you choose to use Hattons Solicitors to represent you they will first ensure your injuries are assessed thoroughly – not just in the short term – but in the long term, so that any lasting effects are identified and ultimately properly compensated for, if your claim is successful. Where necessary, they will also arrange private medical treatment, such as physiotherapy, to assist your recovery. They will ensure you recover all your losses and are properly compensated as a result of any accident that is the fault of your employer.

If you have any questions about an accident at work that you may have had, you can call Hattons friendly professional team on 0800 298 9690 or fill in the claim now form.

Dementia and Power of Attorney

What is dementia?

Dementia is a disease of the brain, the most common being Alzheimers Disease, but it can also be caused by other vascular issues cutting blood supply off to the brain, potentially following a stroke or other less common illnesses. The term describes many symptoms, ranging from the very minor, to very serious cases.

Dementia in England

In their 2012 report, the Alzheimer’s Society state:

  • That 648,895 people in England currently suffer from dementia, with the UK total being some 800,00 people.
  • This equates to just 1 in 1400 people aged between 40 and 64, but reduces to 1 in 25 people between 70 and 79, and 1 in 6 people aged over 80.
  • Two thirds of cases were reported in women.
  • Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community, with just one third living in care homes.
  • The report speculates that over the next 40 years, these numbers will double.
  • Only 40% of people currently suffering with dementia get the problem diagnosed.

Power of Attorney

A Power of attorney is a legal document whereby a person (donor) appoints another (the attorney) to assist them in aspects of their day to day life, should be they end up affected by the above issues.

Type of Power of Attorney

There are two types of Power of Attorney available that are advisable as smart planning for the future.

1. Property and Affairs

This document allows an Attorney to manage the finances of the Donor should they lose competency to manage their own affairs. This can range from the very simple such as paying day to day bills for the Donor, to the very serious such as selling a house, or making arrangements to pay care home fees, should the Donor have to go into a home.

2. Health and Welfare

This document allows an Attorney to be involved in all aspects of the Donor’s health and welfare, again should they lose the capacity to manage these affairs for themselves. This can be an especially useful document for an Attorney if decisions need to be taken regarding the Donor’s care, allowing them to put forward the Donor’s position to the relevant authorities, who otherwise may treat the Donor simply as another statistic, taking cheaper options that may not necessarily be what the Donor would need or want.

Other Attorney documents are still legally valid to be registered if they were signed and witnessed prior to October 2007.

The Effect of a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney gives a Donor peace of mind that should the worst happen to them, they have already appointed someone they trust to manage their various affairs.

In many ways, it is the same as having an insurance policy guarding against a risk, which is statistically proven to be increasing.

Don’t Delay in Organising Power of Attorney

As with most insurance policies, the earlier you have them in place the better. The Power of Attorney can only be granted by the Donor whilst they have the mental capacity to do so.

Should this capacity be lost, other options are available to would be Attorneys, but these are usually far more expensive, and take longer to arrange than the Power of Attorney document.

If you would like more information about Power of Attorney please click here.

Should you wish to go ahead with, or receive further information about a Power of Attorney, please contact us on 0800 298 9690 or fill in the call back request form to the right of this screen.

Legal Funding Now Available at Hattons Solicitors

Hattons Solicitors are pleased to announce that as of 2nd April 2012 they will be able to offer limited legal funding on certain types of family law case.

This legal funding status comes as a welcome addition to Hattons Solicitors private client case work. The legal aid funding applies to cases of an urgent nature such as an emergency interim residence application, prohibited steps and specific issue orders and injunctions.

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