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Client Login

Please make sure you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or above before you access Fileview as earlier versions may not run correctly.

Online File Access gives you direct access to your client file online.

This service provides an up to date version of your case, as at the time you log on.

Available daily 7:30am until 0:59am, subject to occasional weekend server maintenance.

Click here to launch FileView in a new window.

To view your file you will need to enter the Case Number and Password. The Username must be left blank.

Please ensure that you only enter the numbers from the reference on our letters. E.g. from Our Ref S.112233.CW you would just enter 112233.

Once you have accessed your case please use the links on the left hand side, starting with "history", to browse your file.

Client Login Help

Fileview Access

If you have any FileView technical queries or if your password is not accepted please contact Barry Fee on 01744 744402 during normal office hours or email us, quoting your Case Number. When not available then your Case Handler may be able to assist.

Password Request

To request your password please contact your case handler during normal office hours or email us, quoting your Case Number. Details will be sent out by post or to the email address or mobile number shown on our database.

Case Queries

For any other queries relating to your case please visit our "Who We Are" page for the relevant contact details of your case handler. Please ensure that you quote your reference when you contact us.

If you are having problems with your password please check zeros"0" and ones"1" as these may be letters "o" & "l" - Passwords are general made up of Numbers and Lower Case Letters. You will be locked out by entering your password incorrectly too many times.