How to Protect Your Business from Employment Tribunals

Being the Human Resources Consultant at Hattons, I have noticed that a raft of employment legislation, increased employee awareness of their legal rights coupled with difficult economic circumstances has resulted in a significant increase in the number of employment claims being submitted to the Employment Tribunal Service in recent months.

Protect Against Financial Damage

In particular it is apparent that small businesses struggle the most as a successful claim can be extremely damaging, both in terms of the financial costs to, and reputation of the business. Small businesses don't tend to have the funds to deal with a matter such as this.

Last year the highest total award for unfair dismissal (including the basic award) was £76,536. The largest award for disability discrimination was £227,208.

These are just two examples of the high cost of not having or not following the correct procedures for dealing with employment claims issues.

Hattons "HR"

To help local businesses minimise the potential for employment disputes and their consequences we are now offering an Employment Protection Scheme, "Hattons HR".

This fixed price service is intended to help businesses avoid employment disputes by ensuring that our clients are operating to the best standards of employment practice and procedures. This will involve our team here at Hattons undertaking an annual audit of key employment documents and procedures.

In the event of an issue arising Hattons will provide expert advice by telephone on Human Resource issues when it is needed, so enabling businesses to deal with any employment disputes swiftly and effectively.

Insurance Policy Included

If, in spite of the support and advice provided, an employment tribunal claim should occur, Hattons HR service includes an insurance policy which will provide cover for legal costs and most awards and settlements of up to £250,000 per claim.

Hattons Solicitors human resource outsourcing scheme can now provide businesses with complete and cost effective fixed fee employment support, advice and protection, which will minimise the risk of costly mistakes.

Our service offers businesses the certainty of knowing that they have on hand expert advice, support and financial protection all for a low fixed annual fee.

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Written by Tracey Parry- HR Consultant

To find out more about how we can support, advise and protect your business against employment claims and disputes, please contact Tracey Parry on 08000 111 303 or email


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