Hattons Solicitors Celebrate Their Birthday in St Helens Town Centre

If you read these blogs regularly, you'll have already heard that this month marks Hattons Solicitors 10th Birthday, so we decided to celebrate this special occasion by organising an event in St Helens Town Centre last Saturday.

I organised this event along with the marketing team to make sure that the event came across as a party that was not only entertaining, but also interacted with people in St Helens.

You might think it's unusual for a solicitors firm to take such an open, celebratory perspective, but an "exclusive stuffy" event is simply not Hattons style, which they've proved many times by the amount of community investment and sponsorship they've taken part in. So a party which involved past clients and people in St Helens seemed the most natural way for Hattons to let people know they've been on their doorstep for 10 years.

If you're from St Helens or a fan of rugby league you'll probably know about Hattons strong connections with rugby league. In fact Hattons have sponsored St Helens RLFC since they opened in 2001, so we decided to get Saints involved in the event too, with their community team, the mascot Boots, the cheerleaders and of course a few of the players too.

The day itself was brilliant as we were blessed with glorious sunshine for the whole day, and as St Helens Councils Easter Garden, trampolines and rides were next to our event, there were plenty of shoppers and families around. In fact the only thing that put a dampener on the day was towards the end when I realised I'd burnt my head – one of the problems of being fair skinned!

With the help of the Saints cheerleaders we gave out thousands of free pens, trolley keyrings and balloons. After blowing up over 300 balloons by hand, I don't think our team will ever look at balloons the same again, but it was definitely worth it. It's so funny how happy you can make a child when you give them a free balloon, although I saw a few kids then proceed to try and playfully knockout their siblings with the balloons.

We based the whole event around a digital van that we hired for the day, which played Hattons messages and Saints fans that had been recorded talking about their memories of being a rugby supporter. You can view all 14 of these films at www.hattonslaw.com/saintshalloffame which, I promise, are worth a watch.

The highlight of the day was when the five Saints players, Louie McCarthy Scarsbrook, Scott Moore, James Roby, Andrew Dixon and Sia Soliola turned up in the afternoon, attracting a crowd. One man told me James Roby had just shook his hand and had "made his day". It was great to see all the happy kids and families' crowd round to get their things signed and to have their pictures taken.

I must say, even though I worked all day on a Saturday, it didn't really feel like work, as we were outside in the sunshine, and got to talk to some lovely shoppers who came over to ask questions and talk about Hattons, along with some of the Hattons staff who turned up to support the event. My best memory of the day is of a little girl chasing the Saints mascot Boots shouting "Teddy, Teddy!" while waving her balloon at him to get his attention.

It's great to be working for Hattons this year as there's a real buzz of enthusiasm at the firm, which I hope we passed on to people on Saturday.

To view more photographs from the day click here.

Written by Hannah Richardson- Marketing Manager

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