Debt Recovery Legal Process Explained

I've been with the Hattons Commercial team just over 18 months now dealing with a mixed bag of contentious issues on behalf of clients from professional negligence matters through to dealing with athletes who have had the misfortune of failing drugs tests!

However, one particular area of my work where I have seen a sharp rise in instructions is in relation to debt recovery. In November alone I recovered more than £70,000.00 worth of debts on behalf of my clients!

A typical case will involve taking a call from a client who will explain the level of debt that they wish to pursue and also an explanation as to how the debt arose. The debt could relate to monies owing as a result of an unpaid invoice or due to a breach of contract. Once I am in receipt of the information I make contact with the debtor by letter demanding that if the money is not paid by a particular date then Court, bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings will follow. In most cases the letter has the desired effect and the money is recovered but unfortunately legal action does become necessary with the more difficult debtors. The simple matter is that those debtors who are intent on evading making payments of debts may ultimately receive a visit from an Enforcement Officer who may remove their possessions should they continue not to pay.

I do find it rewarding when a successful recovery is made as I take great satisfaction from assisting my clients in times of need. Inevitably, there are some debts that cannot be recovered simply due to debtors absconding or businesses going under but touch wood, I have had many more successes than failures!!

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Written by Andy Bailey - Trainee Legal Executive

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