Countdown to the Hattons Solicitors St Helens 10k Run

The countdown has begun to the Hattons Solicitors St Helens 10k Run so I thought I would give you an update on how the training is going.

I've been following the training plan provided on the St Helens 10k Run website and I'm currently up to 5k (around 3 miles) so I need to really push myself to be able to reach the 10k mark in a few weeks' time!

It's not only rewarding to be raising money for charity but also such a big personal accomplishment as I've always avoided any form of running- be that outdoor or on the treadmill!

As I have said before there may be a bit of walking involved in my "10k run" but it's all for a good cause so I will be happy as long as I complete the course!


It would be really easy to think "what's the point in taking part in such a challenging run?" but with such inspirational people taking part including Corporal Andy Reid and Steve Prescott, it is difficult not to stay motivated!

There are over 10 people taking part from Hattons which takes the total number of runners over 600! We all think it's great to see local people and businesses in the community pulling together to raise money for charity.

Local Business Involvement

The following are just some of the companies who have got involved and graciously donated goods and services to support the Hattons Solicitors St Helens 10k run.

  • Asda (St Helens) are providing commemorative T -Shirts so runners can remember their involvement in the 10k Run. They are also providing water plus a "goody bag" which will include rehydration drinks and bars (something I imagine we will all appreciate after finishing the run!)
  • DW Sports are providing all runners with a one day pass for their fitness centre. They are also providing a 3 month pass for the fastest male & female runner.
  • Burger King are providing all runners with a Buy One Get One Free Voucher and will also be holding a car wash throughout the weekend to raise money for the Steve Prescott Foundation. They have also helped to secure the services of WISH FM who will be broadcasting LIVE from run control at Birchley Street Car Park.

Training Tips

St Helens Sutton Athletic Club have also announced their partnership with the Steve Prescott Foundation and will be offering training tips and sessions to participants over the next few weeks.

Every Tuesday St Helens Sutton Athletic Club will have one of their UK Athletics approved coaches oversee an endurance session aimed at increasing your fitness and speed prior to the big run.

If you cannot make the sessions but require top quality advice, please email the Athletic Coaches team and they will send you an advice email:

Remember there is still time to sign up and you don't have to actually run, people of all abilities are being encouraged to even jog, walk or wheel the course as it's the taking part that counts!

See you all there...

Written by Katie Charlton- Social Media Executive


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