Christmas Party Legal Guidance

It is that time of year again for..................the office Christmas party! It should be a time for all to let their hair down, relax and enjoy a well earned evening for all the effort and hard work put into the previous 12 months.

It will be our Christmas party soon and as the manager charged with HR here at Hattons I have to think about other issues that may arise from the event.

Now I am no party pooper....far from it........but employers need to take the Christmas party seriously as well as having fun! In fact many employers have ceased with this tradition because of the fear of the repercussions it can create in the following weeks.

Last year the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) undertook a survey involving 2000 employees with regards to their office Christmas parties. It revealed (not meant to be a pun!) that 1 in 10 employees knew of someone that had either been disciplined or sacked for inappropriate behaviour at their organisation's Christmas party. The main reasons for the action being taken included fighting, threatening behaviour and ...........sexual harassment! Apparently the inappropriate behaviour included making insulting remarks to the boss (obviously our staff at Hattons would not dream of this as we have such good bosses!!) unorthodox use of the photocopier and unmentionable goings on within company premises.

We may joke about the above but employers do need to be aware of the consequences and remind staff that inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will be treated in the same way as it would during office hours.

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Written by Tracey Parry- HR Consultant

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