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Hattons Solicitors has now converted to limited liability partnership (LLP) status, effective as of 1 April 2012. Please note the following information about this conversion.

What will our name be?

As from 1 April 2012 our name will be Hattons Solicitors LLP and any reference to Hattons Solicitors or Hattons shall mean Hattons Solicitors LLP.

Why are we converting to an LLP?

The main reason for this change is to enable Hattons Solicitors to trade with limited liability. In England a limited liability partnership is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000, and is a corporate body which has members rather than partners or shareholders. The LLP itself is liable for any debts of the business and not the individual members.

This conversion ensures that we can operate in a modern and efficient way, as the more corporate structure helps us in furthering our objectives.

Will the fact that we are an LLP affect our clients?

No, our LLP status will not affect our clients.

We will continue to provide quality legal services for our clients, and the internal structure will remain the same as will our high standards of excellence. A corporate platform will allow us to take greater advantage of the Legal Services Act 2007 so that we will be able to offer our clients more diverse business services.

As a consequence of the transfer of the business, of the former Hattons Solicitors partnership to the LLP, the LLP will accept all the rights and obligations of the former partnership performed after 1 April 2012. This means that all client files and confidential information have been transferred to the LLP. All clients who deal with the LLP after 1 April 2012 will be deemed to have consented to this process. This is a technical change to the provision of our services, but will not affect the way in which we provide day to day services.

Hattons Solicitors LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Will we still have Partners?

Hattons Solicitors will continue to use the term “Partner”, but any reference to a Partner of Hattons Solicitors LLP shall mean a member, employee or consultant of Hattons Solicitors LLP with equivalent status.

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