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Here to help repair the housing issues faced by tenants

It is really important that your house is secure, safe and somewhere where you feel protected, and when you are renting a property you have certain rights to ensure this. Here at Hattons we can help protect those rights to make sure your house really does feel like home.

We fully understand that many tenants are unable to fund expensive court proceedings against their landlords if issue arise to threaten this security, and so will assess your claim to see if we can act for you under a no-win-no-fee agreement or offer flexible payment terms.

We can help with the following:

  • Tenancy deposit claims
    If you rent a property in an assured shorthold tenancy and have paid a deposit, your landlord should have protected the deposit (your money) in one of three government-backed schemes. Your landlord is only entitled to it the end if they can prove that you failed to pay rent and/or caused damage. As a result, if you suspect that your landlord has not protected your deposit in a scheme you could be entitled to compensation. If this is the case, we can check on your behalf if you are eligible to claim.
  • Section 21 notices
    If you’ve received a notice from your landlord trying to gain possession of your property and don’t know what to do next, we can help. We’ll give you easy-to-understand advice about whether the notice is correct and investigate whether you do need to move out of the property or see what can be done to stop or postpone your eviction.
  • Possession proceedings
    Being faced with proceedings to be removed from your property is extremely daunting and stressful. This can occur for several reasons, with the most common non-payment of rent. We can help in resisting possession proceedings, and so if you have received them or your landlord has threatened to do so, don’t delay and get in touch today.

“Whether renting privately or through their local authority or housing association, we are seeing many tenants encounter issues with their landlords, including disrepair,” says director Bruce Hatton. “These issues range from rising damp, mould and leaks to dangerous wiring and vermin infestations, and so you need someone on your side if something like this or similar happens to you.

“Tenancy agreements should provide protection, but sadly many landlords don’t always fulfil their obligations. If this is the case, then tenants can claim for breach of the contract. We are seeing more cases of tenants who have told their landlord of a problem but are still waiting for repairs to be carried out, and are securing compensation for those with uncooperative or unreasonable landlords, including obtaining court orders to get works carried out. We are also securing compensation for inconvenience and abatements of rent if tenants have not been able to use their homes in the normal way or illness has been caused by the disrepair.”

To assess whether you have a claim for disrepair, all we need is a photograph of the issue, details of when the disrepair was reported to the landlord and a copy of the tenancy agreement if you have it.

Call us today on 01744 744400 for free impartial advice. We’re on your side. Click here to find out more.

Win tickets to SAINTS V Catalans Dragons with Hattons Solicitors

Win tickets to SAINTS V Catalans Dragons with Hattons Solicitors

Hattons sponsored runners complete St Helens 10k Run!

Congratulations to the runners from The Hope Centre St Helens who recently completed the St Helens 10k Run sponsored by Hattons Solicitors.

Since 2004, the Hope Centre has provided high quality support and training for those most removed from society. The charity grew out of a church initiative to support people challenged by unemployment, skills shortages and social deprivation and have provided courses, advice and guidance to hundreds of people in the borough.

Find out more about the excellent work that they do at https://www.hopecentre.org.uk

If you’ve been let down by the medical profession, put your faith in us

When we’re in need of help with our health, we naturally put our faith in doctors and a whole host of other trained medical professionals. Thankfully, we are generally right to do so and most provide a service that is often literally life saving. This doesn’t mean that mistakes don’t happen though and so, if you’ve suffered as a result of medical or clinical negligence, then we’re here to help.

Our expert team of experienced solicitors specialises in medical negligence and provides confidential advice and support to help you every step of the way. From first consultation and throughout your claim, we’ll ensure you receive appropriate compensation.

As part of this service, we make sure all aspects of medical treatment are covered and always put you and your health first as we work on your claim. We fully understand that dealing with clinical negligence can be traumatic and stressful, and so always give straightforward, honest and understandable advice to make things just that little bit easier. By dealing with cases in this manner, we hope that we’re also helping to further raise patient awareness, playing and part in improving medical treatment going forward and ensuring health authorities continue to maintain high standards.

Our medical negligence expertise covers the following areas:

  • DePuy hip replacement recall
  • Surgical procedures and cosmetic surgery
  • Negligence arising during pregnancies and births
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Errors and delays in diagnosis
  • Hospital infections including MRSA
  • Negligence claims relating to care or nursing homes
  • Amputation and orthopaedic cases
  • Brain injuries in children and Cerebral Palsy
  • Erbs Palsy
  • Laser eye surgery and ophthalmic cases
  • Inquests into medical malpractice and clinical negligence
  • Claims arising from the prescription, administration and dispensing of drugs
  • Helping clients challenge NHS care and decisions

Speaking about the medical negligence service offered, director Bruce Hatton says: “Trained medical professionals are always there for us in our times of need, and we are all aware of what an outstanding job so many of them do on a daily basis. Things can and do go wrong though, and it is only right and fair that when they do people who have suffered as a result of negligence have some form of redress. Our team have dealt with literally thousands of cases and so are on your side with the expertise to help, whatever experience you may have had.”

To find out more about Hattons medical negligence services, call our expert legal team on 0800 298 9690.

Win tickets to SAINTS V HUDDERSFIELD GIANTS with Hattons Solicitors

Win tickets to SAINTS V HUDDERSFIELD GIANTS with Hattons Solicitors

Experts at securing what you deserve after a road traffic accident

Being involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault can be both frightening and traumatic. It is rare that people walk away from them unharmed, with debilitating and painful injuries such as whiplash often only developing after the event. What can at first seem like a small injury can easily turn into something serious, which is why it’s crucial that you seek the right advice straight away.

Here at Hattons we have helped thousands of people with their  road traffic accident claims, working alongside them at every stage and securing compensation to cover everything from medical costs to loss of earnings.

As your local community solicitor, we leave no stone unturned to ensure every avenue is covered and make sure that all losses are compensated for. Our established relationships with approved car hire firms, accident repair garages, and specialist doctors and therapists helps you to get over the trauma of an accident and see your life back up and running as quickly as possible.

With all injuries assessed thoroughly for both short- and long-term issues, any lasting effects will be included in medical reports and provided for. Our online accessible case file tracker, meanwhile, allows you to monitor progress throughout the life of your claim from the comfort of your own home.

Director Bruce Hatton said:

“When you have been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, alongside the stress and trauma of this you can also suffer a range of injuries, many of which take time to develop. For many people securing the compensation they thoroughly deserve is a way to ease this and provide practical help such as covering any loss of earnings. To make sure you get the best outcome, you need a legal firm you can trust, and here at Hattons Solicitors we provide an excellent, honest, accessible service and will be with you every step of the way. While we can’t stop accidents from happening, we can offer you the experience and expertise needed to make sure that if you have been involved in one, you’ll secure the outcome you deserve.”

To find out more about our road traffic accident claim service, contact Hattons on 0800 298 9690.

On your side for road traffic accident claims

We understand that being involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault can often be a frightening and life-changing experience.

Here at Hattons, we offer friendly and focused help and advice every step of the way.

We’re on your side.

Win tickets to SAINTS V HULL FC with Hattons Solicitors

Win tickets to SAINTS V HULL FC with Hattons Solicitors

Family issue expertise that’s on your side when it can feel like no one else is

There is no doubt that family issues can be the most complex and emotional of situations, and are often the most difficult to deal with. With every decision and step of the process proving to be so personal and painful, choosing the right family law solicitor to guide you through it is essential.

Here at Hattons, we offer friendly and focused help and advice every step of the way, whether you’re facing a relationship breakdown, a financial or property dispute or problems relating to your children.

Our bespoke services are always tailored to meet your specific situation, with continual advice and support from our team of skilled and experienced negotiators who will ensure you get the outcome you deserve. We can also provide access to mediation.

Assurance is provided by our family law solicitor and accredited panel specialist Deb Choudhuri being a member of Resolution and other relevant societies, while our competitive rates and payment plans help ease the financial pressure at what can be a most challenging period in more ways than one.

Our range of family law services includes:

  • Divorce
  • Financial settlements
  • Property disputes, including disputes by unmarried couples
  • Child law
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation law
  • Dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Domestic abuse law

Family law solicitor Deb Choudhuri says:

“When relationships and children are involved emotions run very high and the situations that result are often very difficult to deal with. To make sure you get the very best outcome, you need a trusted partner on your side that has dealt with these things before. By dealing with Hattons you can be assured of excellent service from a legal firm you can trust when it can often feel as if there is no one else you can. Our family law service is honest and accessible, with friendly advice that gives you the best chance of the outcome you deserve. We work alongside you every step of the way to guide you through it all and make the best of what can often be a very difficult situation.”

To find out more information, contact Hattons on 0800 298 9690.

Proud to be sponsoring Hope Centre in the St Helens 10k

We are proud to be sponsoring runners from Hope Centre St Helens in this year’s St Helens 10k Run on Sunday 15th April.

For some the challenge will be getting a personal best, for others just getting around the course will be a huge achievement. At the heart of the reason is to raise much-needed funds for the Hope Centre and its projects.

The Hope Centre supports vulnerable and disadvantaged people of St Helens across its 5 core projects and the funds will allow them to continue to support these people and look to future developments.

If you’d like to sponsor them you can do so via the following link – https://mydonate.bt.com/events/hopecentreruns10k

We are proud to be accredited by

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